Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years' Eve...

Happy New Years' Eve to all my friends, family, and blog readers!   :)

I have a couple of things to share today...
First on the list, Easy Street Mystery clue #5 came out on Friday and I was able to work on it over the weekend and got all 128 "double bricks" made up and got the triangles cut.


This is now what the box looks like that is holding all of the completed steps so far...

Another clue came out this morning, but since I have to work 12 hours today, am on-call for 12 hours tomorrow, and then work 8 hours on Wednesday, I won't get to the clue until Thursday, unless I end up not needing to go in to work tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, a blogger that I follow wrote about saving wrapping paper that he takes off of presents and reuses it.  What followed was a conversation about what his readers saved.  I don't save wrapping paper, but I do save the tissue paper that comes with gifts and, of course, gift bags.

It is so well known in our family that I save the tissue paper, that now at parties and holiday time, the kids just pass the tissue paper over to me as they are unwrapping the presents...I don't even have to pick it out of the piles anymore!  LOL

In the past, I just smoothed out the tissue paper and folded it back up.  However, as I was going into my sewing room to put some tissue paper and a gift bag away yesterday, I walked right by the ironing board and a thought struck me...."hey, I wonder if you can iron the wrinkles out of tissue paper?"

Well, by golly, you CAN!!!  :)  


Smooth it out on the ironing board:

A quick swipe with the iron:

Folded and ready for storage...4 fresh, like-new pieces of tissue paper!!!

I think it took about a total of 3-5 seconds to iron each sheet!!!  How easy is that???  

Now, I realize that if you don't keep your iron and ironing board up all the time, this probably isn't feasible.  But since, as a quilter, I keep mine up 90% of the time, this works just fine for me!  And it certainly is faster and cheaper than getting in the car and driving over to the store to buy tissue paper!  :)

Ginger has taken to carrying her bed around and putting it in whatever room I'm in at the moment.  Last night, she carried it into the quilting room so she could be by me while I quilted.

The funny thing is is that she lifted the bed OVER the bracing bar that you see running between the two ends of the quilting frame!   Not an easy feat for a 13 lb. dog when the bed is as big as you are!  LOL  Even after I left the room to go to bed, she stayed right there and slept all night long!  :)



  1. Your Ginger is SO sweet! Love her herculean feat of crossing that bar! So funny! And I've always saved tissue, too! I, too, iron it.....then keep it rolled on a leftover paper tube, so it stores with the rest of my wrapping papers. Here's hoping you can get a few minutes to work on Easy Street! I'm so glad I'm caught up, too! This is a first for me on Bonnie's mysteries! I always lag behind, usually by months!

  2. wow, Im gonna to have to try ironing out the wrinkles in tissue paper! I keep my iron out all the time and I have a over the door ironing board, so should not take up much time to do it! lol. My mom always kept the tissue paper and boxes, remind me to tell you a story about a present that I sent her and what she find in side, im just greatful she kept the box and tissue paper!

  3. Thanks Loretta! Now I am going to have a tissue paper remnant box! LOL Can't wait to see your Easy Street come along. I have all of the triangles and blocks done, and trying to get motivated to set it all together. I want to squeeze little Ginger! BT's are so ingenious!