Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gifts Received...

Quote for the Day:
"We create our own world with the ingredients we put into it, 
so take care with your recipe."
~Greg Phillips

The swelling and bruising in my right arm have decreased quite a bit, so I have been cleared to return to work this coming Monday!!!   yay????   

Some new items came into my sewing room recently and I thought I'd show them to you...

Dale, my son-in-law, was at a thrift store, found something, took a picture of it and sent it to me asking me if I was interested in it for $7.00.  I immediately sent him back a text that said "YES"!!!   

That's right...a zigzag attachment for Beyonce, my Singer 301!!!

I've not actually had a chance to try out the zigzagger, but I hope to soon!  

The anniversary of my 29th birthday is coming up next week, so my daughter gifted me with a vintage Singer Sewing Machine trash can!!!

How cool is that???  It matches my stained-glass advertising sign that Andy gave me a couple of months ago!!!

She also gave me two car decals for the back windows of the cars...

I also thought I'd show you how the hand-quilting on the "Sherbet" quilt is coming along...
Here's the quilting on the border/corner.  

This picture was taken last week, and I have cranked the quilt once since then, so will take another picture soon to share the progress.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Quilt...

Last evening, I was able to load my "Sherbet" quilt top into the hand-quilting frame.  This quilt started out as a Craftsy Block of the Month, but quickly morphed into a sampler quilt of my own design, partly because I didn't like all of the blocks that they were doing on the Craftsy BOM and partly because I needed 25 blocks to make it the size I wanted and the Craftsy quilt only had 20.  About 12 or so of the blocks are original to the Craftsy quilt, the rest are 12" blocks that I found online and put in the quilt.

Pre-quilting, the top is about 96" X 96".  The backing is pieced from my stash...all florals!

I'm using YLI 100% glazed cotton hand-quilting thread in light pink!  I'm almost thinking that I should have gotten the dark pink because this one isn't showing up in the printed fabric, but I'm hoping it will show up better in the neutral spaces.  It took too long to get this spool in, so I don't want to have to wait to get in a spool of darker thread.  I wanted to get quilting as soon as possible, so I went ahead and started putting in the first stitches last night!

I love YLI hand quilting thread because it doesn't knot or twist making hand-quilting so much more enjoyable!!

Usually, I mark the whole quilt before putting it into the frame, but I decided to try something different with this one.  I only marked the design in the outer borders and then will use blue painters tape to add in straight lines leading from the swag design out to the edge of the quilt.  Then I'm going to mark the sashings and cornerstones as I go.  We'll see how this works out...


Monday, March 31, 2014

First Post-Op Week...

Quote for the Day:
"I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed
 that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso."

~Rita Rudner

Trinity stayed on here for a week after our vacation so she could help me out post-op.  With her here, that meant that Alex and Andrew were here, too!!  So here's some pictures from that week.

Cuddling with Alex...

Cuddling with Andrew...

Andrew got ahold of Grandpa's glasses...

We took the kids to the local park...(This park was built by community members and Andy actually helped build it!!!)

That concludes the cutesy part of the presentation.

Now...I'm going to warn you...the next pictures are not for the faint-of-heart.  But this is what my arm looked like on post-op day 6...

It's looking a little better now, but it's going to take a while for all the bruising to resolve.  :(   The incision is sore when touched or if I forget and rest it on something.  As for the numbness...I've not noticed any improvement in the numbness but at least the numbness doesn't get worse when I bend my elbow now.  I guess that is some consolation.  :(   And I don't get the pain in my wrist anymore from bending my elbow that I used to get.  

I just want the numbness to go away more than anyone could ever know who hasn't actually experienced this.  


Monday, March 24, 2014


After I published the last blog post I realized that I had title it "Vacation and Surgery Update" and then proceeded to not give a surgery update!  My bad...

We arrived home from our vacation on Wednesday evening and then on Friday I had a cubital tunnel release surgery on my right elbow.  

The surgery went well, but I guess it was a lot worse once the surgeon got in there than he had thought it was going to be.  I had the surgery at the hospital and surgical department that I work at, so I was amongst friends and co-workers the entire time.  :)

I awoke from anesthesia with severe pain and nausea.  My nurses took care of that and by the time I left recovery room, I was pain-free.  I had another episode of nausea in Outpatient Surgery when they started giving me juice and crackers, but once again, they treated that right away.   We finally left the hospital about 3 PM and arrived home soon thereafter.  

I have been blessed in that, unless I bumped or touched my right arm/elbow area or tried to bend it too much, I've had no pain since I left the hospital!!  I actually had MORE pain when I had my carpal tunnel surgeries than I have had with this one, and this one is a more invasive/complicated surgery!!

My daughter-in-law, Trinity, and the two boys stayed on after the vacation and she has been a great help to me during the last several days.  She has cooked and taken care of things for me and has even been pulled into the role of nurse when I needed help changing dressings, etc.  Of course, I also have to say that Andy, as always, has been a big help, too!

As soon as the first post-op day, I was getting very bored because I wasn't able to do anything due to my arm being bandaged.  I have spent most of my days snuggling my grandchildren and helping to feed and rock the baby, Alex!  

(It looks like my hair is standing up in these pictures, but that is actually fringe from the throw covering the rocking chair!  LOL)

As of now, the ACE bandage is off and the incision is only covered by a gauze dressing.  My arm is very purple and looks like hamburger meat!  LOL  I still have a lot of the numbness in my right hand, but I think some of the feeling is ever-so-slowly starting to return to my right ring finger.  The throbbing pain in my wrist and forearm are gone!!  Because my issues were caused by nerve damage and nerves take a LONG time to heal, it may be up to a year before we know for sure how much nerve recovery I will end up having.

But for now, I'm healing well from surgery and will drive myself to an appointment tomorrow for the first time since surgery.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers during this time!  They have truly been appreciated!


Vacation and Surgery Update...

We took a vacation to Maine two weeks ago and took our grandchildren so that they could meet their Great Grandma Flood for the first time.   Since Alex is only 8 months old, we took our daughter-in-law with us on the trip, too.  Three adults and three children.  Yep.  We are insane!  LOL

When we left home it was 69 degrees, but by the second day of travel we were driving into a blizzard in Maine that dumped between 12" and 18"!!  It was so bad that once we got to our motel room, we were snowed in and couldn't even go visit Andy's family until the next day!

This is the "main road" that the motel was on!  Yeah.  I know, right???  

And, yes, that is me outside without a coat.  Don't ask me why...I don't remember at this point.  But I do remember that the sun was so bright on the solid white landscape that I could barely open my eyes!!!

We couldn't afford our motel rooms, so the owners agreed that if Sera would shovel the parking lot, then they would write off part of our bill!!!

We finally made it to Mom Flood's house and the kids got to sled down a small hill that is usually a driveway.  Andy had fun using Uncle Mike's snow blower to clear the area and then pushed the kids down the hill on plastic sleds!  It was the first time that either Sera or Andrew had ever been sledding and THEY LOVED IT!!!

Getting the kids ready to go outside...

They had a BLAST playing out in the snow and we had to DRAG them inside before frostbite set in!!!

Baby Alex getting to know his Great Uncle Marty...

Alex in the camouflage sweater and hat that Great Grandma Flood made for him!!

Sera and Alex with Great Aunt Aimee...

...and Sera with Great Aunt Tricia...

We had so much fun visiting with Andy's family and the kids enjoyed meeting everyone!!  Thanks to all the Maine folk who welcomed us and made us feel right at home!  We love and miss you all!!!


Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last night I had three different dreams about my upcoming surgery.  In all three, I forgot that I was supposed to not eat, ended up eating, and then thought/plotted to not tell anybody so that I could still have surgery.

Anyone want to weigh in on this???


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Lozenges...

Quote for the Day:
"When perfectionism is driving, shame is always riding shotgun. 
And fear is the annoying backseat driver." 
~Brene Brown

Today was "injection day".  I got my knee (arthritis) and hip (bursitis) injected today and the relief was VERY WELCOMED!!!  My knee has been hurting so bad the last 2 weeks that I was limping again and even my chiropractic adjustment yesterday only gave very temporary relief.  

It's amazing to think that I hobbled into the orthopedist's office and strutted out of it!!!   That's how immediately the pain is relieved.  In fact, by the time I step down from the exam table, the pain is GONE!!!  Between the adjustment and the injection, I'm no longer limping!!!

Since finishing the Sailboat quilt, I don't have a quilt loaded into the hand quilting frame yet because I don't have a batting for the next one, yet.  I needed something else to do this evening to unwind, so I decided to pull out the "Lozenges" pieces and do some sewing.

And here is proof that I couldn't sew a straight line even if it was drawn on for me...LOL...

As much as I would like things to turn out perfectly every time, it doesn't always.  Unless it is HORRIBLY WRONG, I don't worry about it too much for two reasons:  1) fabric is forgiving and has a little stretch which helps make up for minor boo-boos; and 2)  quilting is my HOBBY!  It is supposed to be FUN!   I do it to RELAX!  In my job, if I make a mistake it can be life-threatening and devastating.  With quilting, no one is going to die if I'm not perfect.  So I don't sweat the small stuff.  I can guarantee that when this quilt is sewn together, you will never see where that line is not sewn straight!  And if you can, than you are entirely too close for my comfort!!!  LOL

This of my stack of "lozenges" that I was able to crank out tonight while watching Duck Dynasty...

They need to be pressed and sliver-trimmed, but since my sewing room has been turned into a guest bedroom for the a few days, they will need to wait till my ironing board is set back up...which will be after the company has gone.  In the meantime, the pile grows!!

With company arriving this weekend, plans for the next two weeks, and then surgery when we get back, please excuse me if I don't do any posts for a while.  I'll be back, I promise...and better than ever!!!  :)