Thursday, December 20, 2012

Geese Droppings...

Quote for the Day:
"I suppose we all have our recollections of our earlier holidays, 

all bristling with horror."
---Flann O'Brien 

I've been working on getting the "Christmas Mountain Morning" quilt quilted this week.  I have it pretty close to being done and ready for the binding.  However, my back has been hurting since yesterday, so I've really had to limit my time doing any one activity.

I've also been working on getting "Easy Street" clue #4 finished up so I can be ready for clue #5 when it comes out tomorrow!   I've got all of my latest bunch of flying geese sliver-trimmed which created a pile of what the other mystery quilters have named "geese droppings"...

 ...that pile of trimmings there on the right.  :)

I've also got the 145 3.5" squares cut out in prep for clue #5.   Here they are with my trimmed-up flying geese...

I still have to sew these flying geese units to the previous set of flying geese before this step is technically "done", but I can't get to my sewing machine right now because it is the one that I am using to quilt the Christmas quilt.  So...I'm trying to get the Christmas quilt finished up tonight so that tomorrow I can sew the geese units together and get going on the new clue.

Today is the first day that I have played Christmas music here at home.  I don't like listening to it too far in advance too much because then by the time Christmas rolls around I'm "burned out" on it.  So today I took my Dell mini computer up to my sewing room and listened to Christmas music online while I sewed.

And here's another one of my favorite, funny Christmas commercials for ya to enjoy... this is the extended version which is even funnier than the short one they play on TV...

Who thinks of up these things???  I love creative minds!   



  1. Geese droppings! HILARIOUS! At least they aren't mouse droppings! LOL

  2. Gosh, you are fast to have part of your Clue 5 blocks cut already, Loretta! I love your colors.
    Nancy from joy for grace