Friday, January 4, 2013


Quote for the Day:
"Every man is a fool for at least five minutes every day; 
wisdom consists of not exceeding the limit."
---Elbert Hubbard 

I have been working on steps 7 & 8 of the "Easy Street" mystery.  Both clues came out within a couple days of each other, so I don't remember which parts belong to which clues, but I'll show you what I've go accomplished so far, anyway.

These are the 4 corner blocks that will be the corners of the quilt:

Because the blocks in this quilt are "on-point", you need half-blocks to finish out the rows.  Here are the half-blocks I have made so far:

I have five made so far...I need a total of 12.  I don't know if it's just me, or what...but these seem to be going together VERY slowly for me.  :(   I lay out the pieces for 3 half-blocks at a time and then sew them together row by row.   Since I have about 5 fabrics of each color, I'm trying to keep from having too many of the same fabrics in the same area.
Does anybody have any ideas how to speed up the process?   I'm open to suggestions as to how you are putting yours together and keeping it scrappy.

And this isn't even a DENT in the making of the actual quilt blocks!  I'm beginning to feel very overwhelmed and am losing interest.  UGH!  :(

Onto another subject...
Yesterday, I did some couponing at Walgreen's and this is what I got...

I got $39.67 worth of product for $8.23 out-of-pocket, but got $13.00 back in Register Rewards, making this a $4.77 moneymaker!

I know, I know...why am I buying prenatal vitamins and infants Advil when I'm not pregnant and don't have a baby???   Because I know someone who IS pregnant.  

Yep...that's right, Folks...we're gonna be grandparents again!  Our daughter-in-law, Trinity, is pregnant!  :)  She is due this July so these items will be passed along to her!  :)   (I think I'll save that REDLINE energy shot and give it to my son AFTER the baby is born!  LOL  He'll be needing it!  As much as the new mother will NEED it, she won't be able to have it because of the caffeine!) 

And here's one last thing...
I've told you in previous posts how much Ginger loves playing with her bed.  The other night she was spinning around in circles with it in her mouth.  She stopped when I tried to get a video of it, but I did get one of her shaking it back and forth.  (BTW, the orange/red thing you see in the video is NOT is the price sticker on the bed's tag.)    



  1. It is going very slowly on the mystery for me too...I am just sticking with it, slow but sure...we will geterdun!!

  2. LOL Her little snorts in between breathing crack me up!

  3. Your "Easy Street" is coming along famously! Try not to be overwhelmed by the rapid fire ending. I was keeping up and I only finished clue 7 today. I will start clue 8 and hope to be done with the first half of the block-making by next Friday. Slow down and pace yourself!

  4. I like your Easy Street colors and the way they are arranged, Loretta. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your blocks laid out.

    Congrats on becoming a grandmother again. I hope your grands live nearby!

    Your little Ginger looks like she's so pleased with herself! Cute.

  5. Thank you for thinkin' of me! :)

  6. Congrats Grandmama! Are you trying out for that show on TLC Extreme Couponing? I wish I had the patience to figure couponing out?!?! It went really slow for me as well. One reason was because of all of the matching. I sat all units out in block form, and sewed in 4 patch mode until I got all of the blocks done. Maybe this will help? I was still able to keep the same fabrics from ending up together, however, with limited fabrics to start with, I ended up with a few together. Oh well! When may I squeeze Ginger? My Sophia and Gracie Lu say hello!

    1. I am able to do really well with the couponing when it comes to toiletries/drug store stuff...but I don't do as well with groceries.
      Ginger is so spoiled...just like Sophia and Gracie Lu, I'm sure!! LOL