Friday, December 7, 2012

Updates From the Quilting Front...

Quote for the Day:
"Any day spent quilting is a good day!"
~author unknown

I've been spending a lot more time quilting ever since I attended the quilting retreat the first weekend of November.  I've been finding "snippets" of time here and there to get in a few minutes of the last little time after I'm ready for work, but it's not time to leave yet, etc.  I've got a lot to show for the extra time spent quilting, too, so let's get started, shall we?

I was off of work today and since my car was in the shop getting a remote start installed, I spent the day in my sewing room working, and finishing, Clue 3 of Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" mystery!  Sixty-four shaded 4-patches!  I even ended up with an extra one...a "spare"!  LOL  I don't know how I count everything multiple times and I still end up with "extra".  

Here's the pieces that I've made so far doing the first 3 clues...

Between working on the steps of this mystery quilt, I've been working on finishing up the blocks to my "Smith Mountain Morning" quilt.  I have decided that I will name mine "Christmas Mountain Morning"!  

The blocks are all completed and arranged on my design wall.   Now they just need to be joined together to make the quilt top so I can add the borders and then machine quilt it!

I'm hoping I can have it made into a completed quilt by Christmas!  :)

Ginger gets very bored when I'm in the sewing room and not playing with her.  She's usually laying under my rolling chair and leaning into one of my legs (usually the leg I operate the foot pedal with, no less).   However, today she was so bored she went into our bedroom and drug her bed out into the landing and took a nap.  

At one point today when she and I were in my sewing room she got ahold of a quilt block and chewed on it without me knowing it.  After it dried out I ironed it to see if it was still useable.  It wasn't.  

Gives new meaning to the term "dog-eared"!  LOL  This poor block is completely shredded around the perimeter.  

Poor quilt never stood a chance against Ginger!  :(



  1. Wow! Step 3 finished???? Aren't you the Energizer Bunny! Good for you - my squares and little triangles are cut...maybe some sewing time tomorrow. LOVE your Christmas quilt! Omgosh...Ginger's a hoot...and that 'dog eared' block...what a woof!

  2. I like your color combos for Easy Street! I'm doing different than Bonnie's, too. And Christmas Mountain Morning is awesome!

  3. I love that Christmas quilt - so so pretty!

  4. Yes, definitely -- that Christmas quilt is absolutely gorgeous, and coming together so nicely! The pix is as good as it gets, I'm sure it's more beautiful in person......

    OK, Ginger needs a little brother or sister now....the photo says it all! Being an only pet-child is just not right!! LOL


  5. Love seeing the colors that others are using. Yours are similar to mine, but in different parts. AND Ginger is super cute! My daughter and SIL just picked up their Boston Terrier this weekend. Her name is Jelly Beans, and goes by Beans! Saw her via FaceTime yesterday. Such a cutie. Can't wait to meet her in person!!1

  6. Life is always more fun with animals :)
    Happy mysterying,
    Sharyn in Kalama

  7. I like your color combo for Easy Street, and your Christmas quilt is fabulous. It makes me want to make that pattern. Beautiful!!

  8. I love your color choices for the mystery. I have quilters envy on the Christmas mountain majesty. There is just sooo much to love in this post. Can't wait to see them come together.

  9. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo! Your Christmas quilt is absolutely stunning. The bed will look fantastic covered in that.