Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keepin' Momma Happy...

Joke for the Day:
There were two babies, a boy and a girl, laying side-by-side in the newborn nursery.  The little boy baby turns to the girl baby and says, 
"Are you a girl or a boy?"  
Puzzled, the girl baby says, "I don't know."  
The boy baby replies, "Well, I'm a boy."
Still confused, the baby girl replies, "How do you tell?"
The boy baby throws back his blanket and points to his lower body and says...
"See there???   
Blue booties!!!!"

So from there, let's segue into today's blog post...

For Christmas of 1996, Andy bought me a pair of Ugg slippers that were very expensive.  I had never heard of the brand before, but he had heard them advertised on Rush Limbaugh's radio show...and if they were good enough for his friend, Rush, then they were good enough for Andy.  Or in this case...Andy's wife!  :)   (I once sent an email to Rush saying he needed to advertise 3 carat diamond tennis bracelets [in the hopes that Andy would buy me one based on Rush's recommendation!]  LOL)

Anyway...though those Uggs were expensive (they were around $85 at that time and can run upwards of $100/pair now) they have lasted me for 16 long years and have served me well.  That is...until this winter. 

Here's my old, tired pair that has kept my feet warm for so many winters...

You can see how matted the sheepskin is inside from years of wear.  But the worst part???

Yep...I had a blow-out on the right back seam.  :(    So I've been looking for a nice, durable pair to replace them and on "cyber Monday" I found some and ordered them.  

They arrived yesterday and all I can say is that I am in LURVE!!!  :)

The are "Lamo" brand and are made from Australian sheepskin, just like the Uggs.  These can run between $55-80/pair, but on "cyber Monday" I was able to get them for $37 with free shipping both ways (in case I needed to return them.)  Which I won't (be returning them) because they fit and are ooohhhh soooooo comfortable and warm!  :)

Yeah...Momma's happy now!  :)

And...while we're on the subject of saving money...
I haven't done a couponing post for a while, so I thought I'd show you what I was able to pick up today at Walgreen's...

...before coupons and Register Rewards:  $53.59,  after:  $2.63 cash out-of-pocket!!!!  AND I got $4.50 back in Register Rewards! :  :)

I love it when a plan comes together!   (Extra points if you can tell me who made that saying  popular in the 1980's!)



  1. Hannibal from the A team, my husbands favorite show

    1. Ding ding ding ding!!! "That is correct! What do we have for her Johnny?" Thanks for playin' the game! ;)

    2. all i could think of was the guy for the A Team! LOL

  2. You're very trendy for wearing the Uggs. Of course, I know YOU are wearing them for the comfort and the warmth. My sister wears them with cut offs and a tank in FL! :o)

  3. Found you @ quiltville link-up. I love couponing too- almost as much as quilting!