Monday, December 3, 2012

"Easy Street"... Clue 2!

Quote for the Day:
"I've spent most of my life making quilts.  The rest I've just wasted."
~author unknown

On Friday, Bonnie Hunter released the second clue, or "step", to her "Easy Street" mystery quilt.  I had to work on Friday, but worked diligently Saturday and Sunday to get the step completed.

I'm trying hard to get each step completed as she releases them to try to keep this quilt from becoming another "UFO".   (UFO is the term quilters use for unfinished projects.)

This step entailed making 128 flying geese that measure 2" X 3.5".  I ended up with a "spare"...for a grand total of 129.  :)

Please disregard the dirty ironing board cover.  Someday I'm going to get around to recovering it.  Someday... 

Speaking of "someday" of the fabrics I used to make these was this one that I found in my stash...

Do you see the date on that???  1994.   I made my first quilt around that time, but I've been a "fabric collector" since I was 16 when I learned to sew.  (And that was WAAAYYYY before 1994!!!)    ;)   

I figured it was time for to use up this fabric.  It has "aged" long enough!!   If you look closely at the flying geese blocks, you can see this fabric in some of left, third from left top row, second from left bottom row, and bottom right.  :)



  1. Cool. So in the end you find out what the quilt will look like?
    Haha. I forgot I'm not on fb and need to leave my name
    Michelle j.

  2. I really like the fabric with the little roses!

  3. Love your red fabrics! I can relate to your fabric from 1994 ~ I'm using some fabric that's leftover from when I made my son's Christmas stocking in 1995. Yay us for using up old fabric :)

  4. Isn't it great to be able to use our 'aged' fabrics. Your geese look lovely.

  5. Loretta you're my kinda gal - and now I'm going to follow you LOVE your choice of fabrics...Love that your ironing cover "still" looks better than mine (I've got someday marked on my calendar too for a change) and Love your "vintage" fabric - haha - Lookin' good!