Sunday, October 11, 2015

Changing of the (Seasonal) Wardrobe...

I saw this picture on Facebook and it represented PERFECTLY the colors here in West Virginia this past week!  If you were ever curious as to what Fall looks like where I live...this is it!  The maple trees turned bright red and the oaks turned bright orange this week.  STUNNING!  

Unfortunately, the colors won't last long.  Within a couple of weeks the leaves will all drop and we will be left with naked trees.

Upon checking the weather report for the coming week, I saw that the high's will be in the 50's and 60's with the lows dropping into the 30's and 40's at night.  

With this news, I decided it was time for the bi-annual "Changing of the Wardrobe".  That means that I put away all my short-sleeved summer shirts to make room for the longer-sleeved winter shirts.  When I switch out my clothes at the beginning of the season I hang the hangers backwards when putting them into my (very small) closet.  When I wear a shirt and return it to the closet after being washed, I turn the hanger the right way.  That way at the end of the season, I can tell which clothes I actually wore and which ones I didn't.  The ones that didn't get worn at all get sent off to the consignment shop or thrift store.

But this year I had more issues with pulling my winter clothes out of storage.  I've lost 40 pounds and 2-3 sizes since last winter, so each item had to be tried on and assessed.  I found 4 shirts that I could take up using my serger, and the rest went into bags to be delivered to the consignment shop this week.  

All in all, I emptied 51 hangers, filled one medium-sized trash bag to be discarded (too worn), and filled 3 medium-sized trash bags with shirts and 1 grocery bag with shoes to go to the resale shop. Some of the clothes had only been worn 1-2 times.  

clothes ready to go to their new life somewhere...

Yesterday while Andy and I were out and about grocery shopping we found a moving sale and I got this Elfa storage tower in pristine condition for $5.  When we got home I checked on the internet and saw that they go for $75+ new at The Container Store.  

I'm hoping to find a place in my sewing room for it and use it for fabric storage, but if not, I'll use it somewhere else in the house for storage/organizing.  I've asked Andy to try to find a piece of wood or plastic, etc., to go on the top to make a "shelf".

On the quilting front, I've been working on the hand-quilting on Erin & Dale's wedding quilt when I get the chance.  I'm moving right along on it and as you can see in the picture, I'm close to the top...close to being finished!  I'll probably only need to roll the quilt 2-3 more times and I'll be done.