Monday, February 29, 2016

Blogger Amnesty Day...

1)  Today is "Leap Year Day".   
2)  It was recently brought to my attention that I had never done a post about this past Christmas.  

How do those two things go together, you ask???

Well...since I consider 2/29 kind of a "non-day" since it only occurs every four years I've decided to call it "Blogger Amnesty Day"...a day for bloggers to write posts that are technically WAAAAYYY out of date, because as the meme above states...I am unproductive with my time! 

So here goes...CHRISTMAS 2015 in review...

Our son, Paul, our daughter-in-law, Trinity, and their two sons, Andrew and Alex were in for the holiday!  They were here for a whole week, but didn't actually arrive till Christmas afternoon.  Since I had to work from 7-11 AM Christmas morning, it all worked out well.  I was able to get home by noon, and with Andy's help we had Christmas dinner on the table about 5 PM.  Our neighbors, Wes and Kathy also joined us for the meal, so we had nice group joining us around the table!

Here are some pictures taken from that week's visit...

Paul, Andrew and Alex watching something on the TV quite intently!!!

Andrew... the base of the stairs that he fell down last year...what a 
difference a year makes!  No need for a baby gate this year!  :)

Alex appears to have a 9-car pile up on his hands at the moment...

Andrew LOVED this stuff!!!  It's called "Kinetic Sand" and if you haven't tried it for your little ones I highly suggest that you do!!  It is unique and fun!

Alex LOVES his Mickey Mouse coloring book!!!

Trinity and me...

Hope you have enjoyed this very late Christmas post!  And if you are a blogger who has delinquent posts, today is your amnesty day to post them...per "Queen Loretta"!  LOL