Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday at the Homestead...

Quote for the Day:
"One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough!"
~author unknown

This month, my local quilt store is having a sale and all of the clearance fabric that is normally $4.00/yard is now HALF PRICE!!!  That's quality quilt store fabric for $2.00/yard!  What's not to love about that???

For that price, I decided to pick up a LOT and piece the backings for my next several (dozen) quilts instead of buying wide backing fabric which usually sells for $12.00 and up/yard!  

So...off I toodled to Classic Quilt Shop in Clarksburg, WV, today to find some treasures that I can use as quilt backings...

 ...and came home with 75 1/4 yards of fabric!!!  I really like stripes on a quilt back, so that was a lot of what I picked up along with some pretty florals.   $609 worth of fabric from manufacturers like RJR, Marcus Brothers, Northcott, and South Sea Imports for only $152.50!!!     SCORE!!!

I think that red striped fabric on the middle bolt will end up on the back of the Christmas Mountain Morning quilt!   And those two blue and yellow coordinating fabrics on the left end of the bolts...I have plans for them, too!  ;)

Speaking of quilts...here is Ginger on hers...not that she's spoiled or anything...

After Andy gets up in the morning and takes her out, Ginger comes up and jumps on the bed with me to catch some more winks.  Then when I get up and make the bed, she likes to sleep between our pillows on ON my pillow so I cover our pillows with this baby quilt.  It is hand-embroidered and hand quilted.  I rescued it from the Goodwill Thrift Store in Valdosta, GA, for $3.83 a couple years ago.  

She's not spoiled or anything...       :)



  1. Oh yeah! You definitely scored big time! Great fabrics......they're so pretty! Hard to imagine they were ever discounted to begin with!

  2. Oh my gersh! I love that blue & yellow! And that floral with the blue background? I die!

  3. OH! MY! WORD! I KNEW I liked you! You are owned by a Boston Terrier! I just LOVE BT's! I have two of my own! What a great deal you got at your LQS! Gotta love deals like that!

    1. Ginger is the THIRD BT that we've been owned by. The first one, Girlie, we had in the 1990's. She was a stray we adopted. She crossed over the rainbow bridge in 1997.

      Our second was Lady. We got her at 6 weeks old and had her for 12.5 years. She developed a brain tumor and earlier this year we had to euthanize her. One of the saddest days of my life. :(

      Six months later, Ginger came into our lives via Craigslist in Nashville, TN. She is a JOY! (Of course, ALL BT's are...right??) She really is my little princess...thus, the rhinestone-studded collar! LOL

  4. Lol. "after Andy gets up and takes her out in the morning"
    Do you have a training Manual?

    1. Michelle (Melaina),
      Tsk tsk tsk...you are asking too late. You have to start from the MINUTE you bring the man home or else they develop bad habits from the very start that CANNOT be un-trained.

      But after 31 years of consistant training, I have Andy to the point where he cooks, cleans, does dishes, washes laundry, changes the bed linens, does the grocery shopping, AND keeps an eye out for fabric, sewing machines,and all things related to quilting that are for sale. He stops at all quilt stores when we are on vacation and sits outside nicely while I shop. (I don't even have to keep him on a leash anymore! That's how trained he is! LOL)