Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun With Family...

Quote for the Day:
Every new day offers many gifts. Untie the ribbons!!!
~Author unknown

Erin and Sera arrived Friday evening and we have been having a blast together ever since!

Saturday, Andy, Erin, Sera and I went yardsaling.  We were able to get a grocery bagful of clothes for Sera, and Erin and Andy picked up a few items.  Since Sera pointed out that we have a basket of "boy" toys, ie, trucks, etc., but no fairies or Barbies or dolls, etc., we picked up a couple toys for Sera to play with when at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  At the first yard sale, they were starting to pick up their sale and they gave Sera a free talking Pegasus pony that she picked up and was checking out.  Then at the next yard sale they saw she had that pony and offered her a free My Little Pony.  LOL 

The baton has been passed...

You see, when our kids were little Andy would give them each $2 and take them yardsaling with him.  Erin was so cute that when she asked people how much something cost they would just give her the item(s).  So she'd come home with a bag of toys AND her $2.00!!!  LOL  So we found it quite amusing that the apple definitely does not fall far from the tree!  :)

After yardsaling we were hot and hungry, so we all went to McD's for lunch.  Now this is MY idea of a "Happy Meal"...lunch with my granddaughter!  :)

And let me tell you...this kid can PACK IT AWAY!  She is so darn skinny yet she eats every 20 minutes!  LOL

On Sunday, Erin wanted to visit with Angel, an old friend who is now married and a mother, too.  We used to attend church with Angel's family, so Angel invited Erin and Sera over to her mother's house to go swimming.  Erin asked me if I wanted to come along and I thought it sounded like great fun...which it was!  :)  Not only did we get to cool down in the swimming pool, we also got to visit with Jane and Rick and their kids and grandchildren!  It had been a LONG time since I had been to their house and we had a great Sunday afternoon!

Sera with Jane's 3 year old granddaughter...

After our Sunday afternoon visiting and swimming, Erin & I went coupon shopping at Rite Aid and Walgreen's while Sera stayed home with Grandpa.

Rite Aid...

Got $56.45 worth of product, paid $31.70 out-of-pocket, got $15 back in +Up Rewards and will get another $15.98 back in rebates, making the actual cost for the shopping trip $.72!!  


Got $68.60 worth of product, paid $25.68 out-of-pocket, and got $26.00 in Register Rewards...making this a $.32 money-maker.

Tomorrow will be the last day of Erin and Sera's visit.  :(  We are making notes of things that we need to remember to take care of tomorrow.  Nothing major planned...just some errands, etc.  

This weekend has been so much fun.  Sera is growing up and we see so many changes in her each time we see her.  She is very comfortable around us now since she is old enough to remember us from visit to visit.  She knows our house and makes herself right at home when she's here.  I'm loving the fact that we are developing a great relationship with her.


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