Sunday, August 7, 2011

Couponing Day and Some Decluttering...

Quote for the Day:
"By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest." 

We found out yesterday that our Marine nephew was scheduled to leave Afghanistan and return Stateside this weekend!!!  We are very happy to hear that news!   We are very proud of him for volunteering to serve our country, but very grateful that he had a safe tour of duty and is now returning home.  He still has a couple years to serve and we are trusting God that the rest of his time in the Marines will be uneventful.

Keeping this in mind, we are keeping in our thoughts and prayers, the families of the 30 troops, including 22 Navy Seals, that were not so fortunate yesterday when their helicopter was shot down.

Today, I did some decluttering of the "medicine cabinet" in the downstairs bathroom.  I use quotation marks because that is what it is called, but I don't keep any medicine in it...only cosmetics and toiletries.   Unfortunately, I did not get a "before" picture.  :(  It is your basic medicine cabinet with sliding mirrored doors.

And here are the after pictures...

left side

right side

I went through and threw out some outdated toiletries and then added the organizers on the top shelf to hold extras of things (when I find something on sale at a really good price, I try to stock up.)

This shows what I threw out...

I also did my couponing...though the deals were "slim-pickins' " today...

Rite Aid...

I got $15.30 worth of product, paid $5.70 out-of-pocket, got $6.00 in +Up Rewards...making this a $.30 moneymaker, plus the free product!  :)

For the hand-quilters that read my blog...I use the brush-on liquid bandage on my underneath finger when it gets too tender from too much hand-quilting!  :)  Let's me keep on quilting, but protects it!

From Walgreen's...

They are having photo specials each day this week, and today's was one free 8 X 10 enlargement.  I've been wanting a picture of Erin & Dale to put on the entertainment center, so I had this one that was taken last summer at Erin's college graduation enlarged to fit a frame that I already have!  :)   (Dale really needs to learn to smile in pictures!  He has a great smile...don't know why he doesn't like to for pics, though.)

At Walgreen's, I got $23.11 worth of items, paid $1.94 out-of-pocket, got $4.00 in Register Rewards, making this a $2.06 moneymaker for me! 

Thanks for listening...   :)


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  1. Nice picture of a picture of Dale and Me! Lol. Love you!