Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy Weekend...

Quote for the Day:
"We'll buy ANYTHING we think we can make a buck on"
~Frank Fritz, American Pickers

I wonder if Frank and Mike (American Pickers) are close cousins to Andy???

Andy is "a wheeler and a dealer".  He goes to auctions and yard sales and picks up things, mainly vintage/collectible glassware and antique crocks, to resell for a profit.  He usually does a large part of this selling at the yard sale that we have, usually every summer.

However, with us both working our tails off this summer, and the supposed kitchen remodel that we have going right now, the summer has kinda gotten away from us and it doesn't look he is going to have a free weekend for us to have our usual yard sale this year. clear some of the stuff out that would normally be sold at the yard sale...AND to make some money...Saturday was spent photographing things to list on Craigslist and Ebay.  I listed a lot of auctions yesterday as  well as a couple listings on CL.  One of the listings on CL was for a Fire King Egg Nog punch bowl and mugs, which sold this afternoon.

When the person was here buying it, he found two of Andy's crocks that he wanted, too.  :):):)   Andy made out BIG TIME on the crocks!  YAY!!!  

In addition, this person also buys scrap gold, so I pulled some broken chains, earrings that I had lost the mate to, etc., out of my jewelry box.  He checked them out, weighed them (he had his scale with him), and then paid me $450 for them.   I've been thinking about doing that for a while now...just had never taken the plunge, so to speak.  I wear very little jewelry...just my wedding ring, my "mother's" ring, my watch, earrings, and occasionally, a bracelet, so this seemed like a logical step to starting to clear out the jewelry boxes.

We also sold a set of Pfaltzgraff dishes on CL this afternoon!! 

It's been a lot of work doing all the photographing, listing, and packing of items, and we aren't done, yet, but it feels good to be getting rid of stuff and making $$$ at the same time!  :)

Also, I've finally convinced Andy to sell the F150 truck that we've had a for 6 years but that has mainly been sitting idly by because 1)  since we replaced our wood stove with a coal stove we don't have to haul fire wood anymore;  and 2)  we can't afford the gas to feed it!  So this evening, we will write up something to put in the truck window with info on it, and also will be writing up a listing for the local "Bulletin Board", which is a local "pennysaver" type newspaper.  We'll probably also list it on CL while we are at it.

In the midst of all of this wheelin' and dealin' this afternoon, I went over to Rite Aid and Walgreen's to do my couponing.

From Walgreen's...

I got $55.30 worth of product, spent $2.75 out-of-pocket, got $6.00 back in Register Rewards...making this trip a $3.25 money-maker for me!  :)  (I gummy bears!!!)

From Rite Aid...

I got $20.76 worth of product, spent $3.59 out-of-pocket, got $9.99 back in +Up Rewards...making this trip a $6.40 money-maker for me!  :)


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  1. You're a pretty good wheeler dealer yourself with all your couponing. Good job.