Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blog Post In Which I Do Not Try For a Snappy Title...

Quote for the Day:
"Be yourself!  Who else is better qualified?"
-Frank J. Giblin

On Friday, I opened my paper to find my husband on the front page...

Yep...I can recognize him from any angle after 30 years!  LOL  Love you, Andrew! 

Also, on Friday, I received a phone call regarding a "For Sale" sign that I had put up in my favorite quilt store.  Since moving up to my Hinterberg 3-roller floor quilt frame that Andy got me for my birthday last year, I decided to sell my Grace floor hoop.

A quilter had seen my "For Sale" sign and wanted to buy it!!  So on Saturday I drove over to the quilt store to meet the lady and make the sale.

While there I went in to chat with Janet, the quilt store owner who had let me put the sign up on her bulletin board and she asked me if I would please teach a hand quilting class in her shop.  We bantered some ideas back and forth for the class and I told her I would think about it and come up with something.  :)

I put a message out on a quilting forum I'm on and asked for advice from people who had taught hand quilting classes and who had taken them.  I have gotten some good responses as to what people want, etc.  So I will make a list of ideas and share them with Janet and see what we can come up with!  :)

I've had several items sell on Ebay this week which makes me very happy!  Things leaving my house!!  YAY!  I have more auctions ending this week and, so far, 2 of them have bids!  YAY again!  :)

Last night I trimmed the whole cloth quilt and sewed the binding on the front by machine.  Now I'm going to flip it to the back and hand sew it down...

Today I went and did my coupon shopping at Walgreen's & Rite Aid.

Does it count if you drink 2% milk while eating M & M's??  Do they cancel each other out like it does when you drink a diet soda while eating dessert???  :D

I got $18.10 worth of product, paid $5.04 out-of-pocket, got $5.00 back in Register Rewards, making this trip a net cost of $.04!!!  If you are wondering about why I buy milk there...this is a classic example of knowing what things cost where.  I am always telling people that even though places like Walgreen's are frequently higher on their non-sale prices than other places like Walmart, you can't ASSUME that they are.  I have found that Walgreen's can be very competitive in their prices on certain things.  Broughton milk at Walmart is $3.69...Broughton milk at Walgreen's is $3.14!!!  

Rite Aid

At Rite Aid I got $24.36 worth of product, paid $3.93 out-of-pocket, got 8.99 back in Single Check Rebates and +Up Rewards, making this a $5.06 money-maker for me!  :)

Hope everyone has remained safe through "Irene".  :)  



  1. Oh, that's nothing! We used to watch him on TV when he was still doing that "Walker, Texas Ranger" show.
    What? That was Chuck Norris and not my uncle Andy? No way...


  2. Kristin,
    Seraphim's favorite movie is "Forrest Warrior" with Chuck Norris. And when she is here and sees the picture above the entertainment center of Andy & me from shortly after we were married, she points to Andy and calls him "Forrest Warrior"! LOL

    She doesn't realize that the picture is actually of GRANDPA! LOL

    For those readers who don't actually know his younger days, Andy was a DEAD RINGER for Chuck Norris! True story.


  3. was a GOOD REASON that you saw your husband in the paper, and not for 'OTHER' reasons!!! LOL
    And, if I know my UncleAndy (must be related to my Aunt Loretta), he was shopping on the Dollar-Day, stuffing his bag with as many books as he could!
    Love ya both...Susana in Indy