Monday, August 22, 2011

The RSVP...Schrock-style...

Quote for the Day:
"Our childhood is what we spend the rest of our lives overcoming."
---Amy Bennett 

I come from a large, loud, boisterous family...well, at least I thought I did till I met my husband's family!  LOL  You see...there are six siblings in my family and each one of us thinks we are right...about everything.   (I can see our spouses nodding their heads "yes" even as I type this...LOL)  THEN I met Andy's family...there are thirteen kids in his family...yes, you read that right...THIRTEEN... and they all think they are right...about everything!  And they're loud, too, btw.

But I stand by my original statement that our family is loud and boisterous when we get together.  And get together we shall come October when most of us will attend our niece's wedding.  :)

My niece is very creative and made all her wedding invitations...

...and her RSVP cards...

Well...I thought the RSVP card was very cute and different than anything I'd ever seen before, so I couldn't resist having a bit of fun with it..."Schrock" style...
When the bride-to-be puts on the information sheet that she sends out in her invitations that there is a thrift store by the motel and another one close-by, that says something about the family, right???  LOL  Hell, I'd show up for the wedding just to go to the thrift store!!  Just kidding, Kristin...I'm really coming to see you get married.  *wink wink*.  But it was very thoughtful of you to have the reception near a thrift store!  That's how you know we're related!    :D  Gotta love that girl!!!   :)

Also...the Schrocks do love to eat, so I thought about putting a mark by all four meal options, but I didn't because I know they need the information to make plans with the caterer, so I refrained.

Kristin...we're looking forward to being there with you for your big day!  :)

Remember Lady, my side-kick that follows me everywhere???

Poor Lady...she's twelve years old and has never had fleas before in her life.  But this summer, we've been battling them since the beginning of July.  We've always used Frontline Plus, and up till now it has been very effective.  However, after much struggling to rid her of the fleas, I did some research online and many people have posted on various sites that after years of use, it seems to stop working.  There is speculation that the fleas become immune to it or that Frontline has changed the formula.  But whatever the reason, I'm D-O-N-E!  

The vet has suggested a new product called Trifexis so today I went and picked some up and she has had her first dose.  They also recommended a product to spray on the carpet, bedding, etc., to kill the fleas.  Here's hoping it all works.  Poor baby...she doesn't need this aggravation in her senior years.  :(

Last night I put the final quilting stitches into the whole-cloth quilt that I started last November.  :) 

Forgive the shoes under the foot of the bed, but our bedroom does not have any closets so we have two free-standing wardrobes...his and hers...and there just isn't enough room for very many shoes in the bottom, so I leave out my four pair that I wear most often.  Deal with it!  LOL

It still needs to have the excess trimmed off, the binding attached, a label added to the back and then washed.  Once washed the blue lines will wash out and all you'll see is the quilting design.  This thing is HUGE!  I guess I really didn't need to add 4" to both sides to make it wide enough...LOL.  My bad!  I think it will easily fit a king-size bed, now.

When the binding, etc., is all done, I'll post pictures again and show the back at that time, too.

The next quilt to go into the frame will be the one for my nephew and his wife...the sunflower quilt.

I still need to add the three borders to the top, but this is the center of the quilt.  Any suggestions as to what design to use in the quilting? 



  1. Your whole cloth quilt is beautiful. A real family heirloom.

    There are Schrocks live near where I live. They're Amish.

    So sorry to hear you're battling fleas. We don't have any this year, at least not so far. Treating the pets works for them but you have to break the life cycle of the fleas in the carpets to really fix the problem. When we had them a couple years ago I used some powder I got off Amazon that really did the trick. I don't remember the name right off hand, but it was basically finely powdered boric acid. If you're interested I can dig out the jar and give you the name.

  2. Our dad was Mennonite and we have some Amish relatives in Ohio...don't think we know of any relatives in Nebraska.

    I purchased the spray that the vet recommended and have sprayed the carpet, furniture and bedding once, so far. Tomorrow I'll vacuum and respray like they said to do. If this doesn't work, I'll be checking back with you to see about the powder you used.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I read every comment!


  3. Don't worry Loretta, it's a buffet so you can try a bit of everything...
    I always tell Rhyanne (can you believe I'm a MOM?) that she'll fit in quite well with the Schrocks. How do I describe the Schrocks? You know you're getting near a larger group of them when you really get loopy and EVERYTHING is funny. I can't wait!

  4. Oh, and that quilt is amazing! good job!
    Kristin (again)