Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Empty Nest...

Quote for the Day:
 "Adolescence is perhaps nature's way of preparing parents
to welcome the empty nest."
---Karen Savage and Patricia Adams 

Our nest is now empty...

Yes...the robin's nest in our plum tree had 3 little blue eggs in it the first weekend of August...

Then we noticed 3 little birdie heads pointing straight up out of the nest a couple weeks ago.  

But, alas, it is now empty.

I hope Mama Robin and Papa Robin are now enjoying their free time...flying to visit the kids and grandkids and flying south to Florida in the winter.  Once the babies leave the nest, it's "me" time for the parents! 

I half expected to see the nest turned into a craft or sewing room, now that the kids have moved out.  But it looks like maybe the nest needs some repairs, so the parents may have moved into an apartment or condo where they no longer have to worry about the upkeep themselves.  I hope that by abandoning the nest, it won't cause the neighborhood to go downhill.  You can already see how the nest has gone into ruins in just a few short days since they Robins moved out.  Maybe squatters will take over the nest now that it is vacant.  :( 

Or maybe a pair of love birds will buy it, move in, fix it up, and make it a home again!  :)


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