Monday, March 7, 2011

Swiss Cheese Fabric?

Quote for the Day:
"Even miracles take a little time."
~Fairy Godmother in Cinderella

SPOILER ALERT:  Erin, if you don't want to know what Sera's birthday present will look like then don't read this post!  :)

I have been upstairs in my sewing room CREATING this past weekend!  It feels so good to be sewing!  I LOVE my "woman cave"!  I tell Andy that if he puts a coffee pot, microwave and a small fridge up there he'd never see me again!  LOL  

I love to go upstairs and spend HOURS sewing and quilting in my sewing and quilting rooms.  Yes, roomS!  Our house has 3 bedrooms, so when the kids grew up and moved out, I turned one bedroom into my "sewing" room with my sewing machines, cutting table, ironing board, fabric stash and all my supplies.  I turned the other bedroom into my "quilting room" and put the hand quilting frame in it!  Both rooms have a TV and stereo, too.

Anywho, Saturday I started on Sera's "Disney Princess" quilt and quite frankly, I am surprised at how much I've gotten done so far.

My design wall isn't large enough to handle the whole of a bed-sized quilt, so I have to put it up in sections.  

Here is a picture of the first 8 of the 15 rows that will be in this quilt...

Here is a close-up...these blocks are 6" finished...

 And a close-up picture of a strip set so you can see the colors better...

I'm not a fan of purple...but overall I think the quilt is going to look nice.

The Disney princesses were "fussy" cut...and as anyone who has ever "fussy" cut leaves you with "Swiss cheese fabric"...

Not very frugal, huh?  Under "normal" circumstances, I would try to salvage what is left of the fabric and cut it up and put it in my scrap box.  However, this fabric has flecks of glitter in it and I can't put my iron on it directly...I have to use a pressing cloth to press it.  So I don't know if it is worth saving the rest of the fabric or not...too much hassle.  The verdict is still out on that one...

Saturday when I was making the strip sets, I started to smell something that smelled like hot plastic!  

Evidently I wasn't paying attention where I set my iron and it got up against the plastic measuring cup that I use to fill the water reservoir on the iron...

 melted plastic on iron
I was lucky in that after I let the iron cool, I was able to chip the now- hardened plastic right off!  Otherwise, I would have needed to head over to WallyWorld to buy a new iron!  :(

Note to attention to where you set down the iron from now on!

BTW, it would have KILLED me to have to go pay full price for a new iron because I get mine at yard sales for $1-2.  I like to keep an extra one on hand in case something happens to whatever one I'm currently using, but I don't have any in back-up right now...and yard sales don't start for another 6 weeks or so!  Guess I'd better take good care of this one!  :)

When I quilt I like to listen to audio books on my mp2 player.  I am currently listening to "The Kids Are All Right" (the book, not the movie.   They are two different things entirely).  I am about two-thirds finished with it and HIGHLY recommend it!  Very good book!  :)

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  1. Tina & I saw some Tinker Bell ribbon at Hobby Lobby and thought of you and this project! I think it's beautful - great job!

  2. Sera's gonna LOVE IT!!!!! It wasnt much of a spoiler for me cause I already knew what kind of fabric was gonna be in it. LOL Cant wait to see the finished fabric! Love You!

  3. Oh Mom! Love it!!! It's super cute. She's gonna love it. :D I bet it looks even better in person so you see all the glitter that the camera isn't picking up. Also I'm glad the iron was salvageable!