Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring is on it's Way!

Quote for the Day:
 “Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
~Robin Williams

The weather is warming up and we are starting to see the first signs of Spring here in West Virginia.  

Even though it is gray outside and threatening to downpour any minute, I couldn't pass up this chance to go outside and check on some of my flower gardens and perennial plants to see what has survived the winter.

I found small bits of green poking their heads up through the ground...

Daffodils and Naked Ladies making their appearance...

And this...the start of new Mums under the dried up stalks of last year's Mums...

New buds appearing on the blackberry bushes...

Unfortunately, my beloved plum tree looks like this this year...
It got a fungus last year and we had to cut off all the affected limbs and Andy will have to find the appropriate herbicide to spray it with in the hopes of saving it from demise.  I'm hoping there is enough of it left to even live since we had to cut it so far back.  :(

Since I was outside, I thought I'd take advantage of the warm weather to clean out one of the raised flower beds before it started raining.

Here is a picture of the raised bed before...full of last year's dried up Mum plants...

Here it is after cleaning out all the dead stuff...

Can I call that my "decluttering" for today?  LOL

I'm hoping for more warm weather, sans the rain, so that I can get out and clean the other flower beds, too.  Gotta get the blackberries and rose bushes pruned back before they get too far into bloom. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Please leave me a comment letting me know how your Spring spruce up coming along?



  1. I'm feeling my "spring cleaning" mode kicking in and I think I'm about to go crazy on all of that crap in our dining room and throw most of it out since we havent used ANY of it in the past year! lol Gonna try and get some storage cabinets to organize everything better so its easier to access when we do need it and to make it look cleaner!

    Cant wait to see pics of your flowers in full bloom! love you!

  2. Btw, thought you would find this amusing...whenever I leave a comment I have to type in a security word...when I posted that last comment, the word was "poodide". I LOL'd for a min and showed some of my co-workers before typing it in and posting the comment. Its such a funny word! lol

  3. Well you certainly did some good work on the flower boxes. :) We need to be doing that too here. Have a line of rose bushes going around two sides of my back yard fence that bloom all summer. Sure do enjoy those! Guess quilting will slow down a little for now. haha Later, Brenda

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  5. The flower beds are an "improvement for the better"! :P Looks like your yard is ready to welcome spring in. I'm ready for spring here as well. Our new yard looks pretty dreary in the winter. I'm still unpacking so spring cleaning is kinda on the back burner. LOL