Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Keepin' It Real...

Quote for the Day:
"Honesty may be the best policy, but it's important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy."
~George Carlin

First let's start off with some good news...

Yes, Folks...that's pretty darn close to 70 degrees F today!  According to the TV and the weather download on my computer screen, it IS 70, but for some reason my back porch thermometer is only reading at about 68-69 right now....or at least it did when I took this picture!  :)

It is beautiful out...partly cloudy, peaceful, nice!  I wish it was like this all year cold, no snow...  *sigh*... for the bad news...

This, dear Readers, is what my desk looks like...most of the time...well...pretty much all the time...

Tryin' to keep it real here.  :(  

I have a HORRIBLE time taming the clutter...especially the paper clutter.  I HATE dealing with things.  If it can't be done on the computer,'s a good chance it won't get done.  And even if it CAN be done on the computer...there's still a partial chance that it won't get done.  I put things off till the last possible minute.

Somehow, some way, I need to learn to control the paper clutter and to deal with things in a timely manner so that I don't have them just "hanging around".

So, today, I decided to tackle the desk.  A lot of things just needed put away where they belong, papers gone through and either thrown away or filed. 

This is what the desk looks like now...

Right side of desk...

Center area of desk...

That wooden bill organizer there in the center of the cubby hole is going to go at some point.  I don't need something that big anymore to help me keep my bills organized now that we debt-free.  I need to look at the office supply store to see what I can use that is smaller that will go in there.  Basically, I just need something with 2 slots in to hold papers to be submitted for reimbursement and one to hold the utility bills as they come in and are waiting to be paid.  (Yes, even when you are "debt-free" there are still "regular" living expenses that need to be paid.  Some people think of being "debt-free" as never having to pay anybody anything ever again.  But, alas, if you ever figure out how to do that one, please let me know!  LOL)

Here are items I found on the desk that can go to Ebay and the summer's yard sale...

The light bulbs and little heart-shaped saucer will go on the yard sale, and the lamp, linen hankies, printer ink cartridge will go on Ebay.

The rest of the stuff that was on the desk that didn't belong there have been moved to their appropriate storage places.

If anyone would like to share how they control their paper clutter, I'd really like to hear how you do it.  :)  Any helpful hints are gratefully accepted!



  1. I cant believe you still have that brown bowling mug as a pen holder...and that desk that you've had for umpteen years!! Love it! LOL The desk looks so nice when it's decluttered...especially now that you dont have a crap load of wires going every which way around the desk! :-)
    Love You!

  2. I see you are also inflicted with "piles disease"... I think it's hereditary...