Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Three Rifle Scopes????

Quote for the day:
Guns don't kill people...dads with pretty daughters do.

~seen on Facebook 

How's everyone doing today?  It's Tuesday...last of my days off till Saturday.  :(

My computer is 6 1/2 years old...ANCIENT as technology goes!  LOL  It's been running REALLY slowly lately.  I've been hearing the fan run almost constantly and it seems to run even SLOWER (if that's possible) when the fan runs.  

Hmmmm...what's a girl to do?  I can't afford a new computer right now because we just bought a new porch floor and that pretty much wiped out our savings.  (Thank goodness we didn't have to touch our emergency fund to help pay for it, though.)

I had been told that when the computer "innards" (technical term there) get dusty, it causes the computer to overheat.  That's what causes the extra fans to come on.  So I decided to take matters into my very uncapable hands!

I took the screws out of the back, removed the cover, attached the crevice attachment to the vacuum cleaner...and sucked MULTIPLE GENERATIONS OF DUST BUNNIES out of my computer today!  

Yes, Folks...many dust bunnies gave their lives today so that my computer will run quieter and faster.

After using the crevice tool, I took canned air and blew out the last remaining bits of dust that I couldn't reach with the vacuum.  I'm ashamed to tell you how bad it was... I did all this on the dining room table...and I'll just tell you this...I had to vacuum the chairs and wipe down the table...TWICE...when I was through!  YIKES!  Yep...we had generations upon generations of dust bunnies in there!  :(

But now...the computer is running fast and smooth and I haven't heard the fan come on once!  YAY for me!!!

My trusty vacuum with the crevice tool...

Today I moved onto the second drawer in the dining room armoire.   Here is the before picture...

This is what I removed from the drawer...

items to be sold/given away...

Three...count them...3 rifle scopes...*shakes head*...the only gun we own is a pellet gun that we use to shoot ground hogs in the back yard.   I have no idea where all these came from...but I will talk to Andy and I'm sure we'll be putting them on the next yard sale!  The white table cloth and the 3 boxes in the middle of home-perming supplies will also go on the yard sale.  (It's been probably 10 years since I gave Erin a perm!  LOL)  The 2 cans on the right are spray-on hair color that have never been opened.  I will take them to work and ask my co-workers if anybody wants them for their kids' Halloween costumes.

I also found 2 cloth napkins and some doilies in the drawer.  For about a year now, we have been using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins so these will go in the wash and be put into use.  The doilies will come up again when I go through the drawer in this armoire where I keep all my dresser scarves, etc.  I will deal with them at that time.

And here is the completed project...

There are some extra phone chargers that I will keep...you never know when you will have company that has forgotten their phone charger and may be able to use one of these!  (This has happened not only to us when we have traveled, but we have also had visitors that have forgotten theirs.) 

Please leave a comment to let me know you visited and let me know what you "released" into the wild today! 




  1. I love how well the armoire drawers are looking! Nice and neat! Also am very proud of you cleaning out your pc. You know it needs love and attention too. Even if many generations of dust bunnies had to die for it! :)

    Today I went through the fridge and got rid of all the old condiments that were bad and also went through the ridiculous amount of restaurant packets we had in there. The only ones of those we ever use are the Taco Bell ones so I have no idea how the other ones even end up in there! LOL

  2. I was sitting at my computer at work and saw a lip gloss that I bought about 3 years ago and don't know how longs it's been since I used it. One less thing at work now.


  3. Another thing you will want to do with your computer is:

    (this is all simple)
    1-create a restore point
    2-back up your computer (go 2 help section)
    3-download speedupmypc3 (google it) update and run
    4-run maintenance wizard (u may have 2 turn the anti-virus off 2 do this)

    this will free up your computer a lot.