Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank God for Chiropractors and Other Ramblings...

Quote for the day:
"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient 
while Nature cures the disease."


A day off of work today!  Yay!  I needed it to unwind and get some stuff done after the stress of last week.  
My back has been hurting and going into spasms for the last 2-3 weeks.  I had planned to go to the chiropractor before we took our trip to Tennessee, but we left a day early on our trip and I didn't get to go get adjusted.  :(

Today I was able to go and get adjusted and he gave me some exercises to do to help with the pain and spasms.  They also did some ultrasound to my "old-lady" arthritic elbow.  Since the weather got cold and rainy towards the end of last week, I've been applying ben-gay and aspercreme to it.  I told Andy that it's official...I've become my mother because I smell like ben-gay all the time now!  LOL

When my back gets this bad it usually takes 2 visits to get it back in complete alignment.  I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for next week.  Hopefully, the adjustment today will take care of the pain that has been so bad the last couple weeks.  

Now...onto the decluttering...

We have an armoire in the dining room that serves as extra storage.  It has 6 drawers total, and hasn't been gone through since we moved here 12 years ago!  YIKES!   It is kind of a "catch-all".  When we don't know where else to put something, we put it in this armoire.

Today I removed the top drawer and it looked like this:

I realized when I was uploading these pictures that I didn't get the whole drawer in the frame...there is about 6" more drawer to the right side that got cut off in the picture.
This is what I tossed...
a coin sorter and lots of coin sleeves (because my bank said to just bring in the coins and they will put them through their counter...much easier), about 3 decks of cards that we don't need or use, and lots of AAA tour books from the early 2000's (who needs these??  we use the internet for travel info these days), some coasters that we don't like/use, and some miscellaneous tourist info books we collected from places we have visited.

The result is this...

Much better!  (And I notice again that I cut the last couple inches off the right side of the drawer in the picture!  LOL)  It now holds our maps and printed driving directions to family (instead of printing out directions every time we take a trip to see family, we keep the directions in the manilla envelope between trips...saves money on ink & paper!), Andy's extra reading glasses and extra "doo-dads" that go on the end of ceiling fan pull chains are there in the slot to the right of the maps.  To the far right that you can't really see are some containers of glitter (which I will probably put on the next yardsale because I can't think of what I'm going to use them for) and our extra phone chargers.

Took me all of about 10-15 min. to do this!  It's amazing what I can get done in small chunks of time here and there!  :)

Please leave a comment and let me know what you "released" into the wild!  




  1. What did I "release" today? My brain...


  2. I'm sorry to hear you've been in pain. :(
    I certainly hope the chiropractor can get your back feeling better again soon. *hugs*

    Yesterday I went through some books I keep in my bedroom to read. Some I've borrowed or bought at Goodwill or was just given. Since I've read several I put some in the library donation box and the others I've borrowed from my mom are in a bag to send back to her house. My nightstand looks much less cluttered now. :)