Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tentatively Better...

Quote for the day:
"You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work 
when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day."
~ #10 from email "Truths for Mature Humans" 

It's Wednesday...hump day...blah day...tired day...

Instead of going to work yesterday like I had originally posted that I was going to do...since my back was still acting up, I called in and then went to see my primary care physician.  

My doctor changed around my medications a little, ordered an MRI, and then took me off of work till Monday.  When the nurse set up the appointment for my MRI the date was Oct. 24.  However, the scheduler at the hospital told the office nurse to tell me to call in every day and see if there were any cancellations and maybe I could get in earlier. I called when I got up and the scheduler checked...and "no"...there were no cancellations between this morning and the time of my set appointment.
However, about 5 minutes later she called back and said they had just had a cancellation for 1:30 TODAY and I could have it if I wanted it!


So today I went and had my MRI.  I won't know the results till probably tomorrow or Friday.  Any plan of care and work schedule will be based on the results of the MRI.

Now I don't know how many of you have had an MRI, but it is MAGNETIC Resonance Imaging...emphasis on the MAGNET!  

Before you have your scan they ask you all kinds of questions to make sure you have NO metal in your body...
"Could you have metal splinters in your skin or eyes"
"Do you have a pacemaker"
"Do you have any stents or protheses"
etc., etc., etc.  Very thorough questioning...

Then you take off your watch, earrings, (they let me keep my rings on for some reason even though I asked about them), and, oh yeah... the bra comes off before the scan, too, because of the underwire and the hooks...

Anyway...they help me up onto the table, put a pillow under my knees for back comfort...give me a bulb to hold onto that I can squeeze if at anytime I need them to stop the scan and remove me from the tube.  (Some people who are claustrophobic can't handle being in the tube because the top of the tube is about 8" from your face.)

So the technician starts moving the table into the tube...
And all of a sudden I feel something TIGHTEN up on my right ankle...


The technician starts backing the table out...I'm sure thinking that this old lady is having a panic attack...LOL.

Nope...I forgot that I wear a magnetic hematite anklet on my right ankle for pain control in my right foot!  LOL  It is always on me...I don't take it off...ever, I had forgotten all about it.

I told the technician about it and by now it is REALLY magnetized and he has to help me undo the magnetic clatch.   I apologized for forgetting about it and he just said "'s really magnetized now!" and we both had a good laugh.  He then helped me lay back down on the table, get me positioned for the scan, gave me the bulb again, and then moved the table back into the tube.

Now I am home, I have had a bite to eat...and I can pretty much tell you that nothing else is going to get accomplished today.  

Sorry, Folks...that's the way it is...
Today is the first day since Sunday that I haven't had to take pain pills, and I'm just not gonna stress myself about getting anything done today.

I'll be back with more decluttering soon and hope you will all hang in there with me!

Thanks for all your's good to hear from each of you and find out what you are "releasing" into the wild.  Keep 'em coming!


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  1. I'm VERY glad you got your MRI done earlier than they scheduled you for. Please let me know when you get the results back.

    I went through Andrew's socks and took out the old socks to go to my 2 nephews and also threw out the ones not worth passing on. Less socks now and lots easier to find Andrew's socks when I need them. :)