Monday, October 25, 2010

My Last Name is FRUGAL!!!

"I love it when a plan comes together"
~Col. John Hannibal Smith (The A-Team)

Today I'm going to share something other than decluttering with you.  
Today Walgreens GAVE me $36.01 worth of product and even PAID me $12.08 for taking it out of their store!!!
How, you may ask?  
I'm one of those "power couponers"!!!  
And not only am *I* one of *those* coupon ladies...but I've taught my daughter-in-law how to do it to...and trust me...she can put me to shame on the couponing sometimes!!!  LOL
I buy the Sunday paper every week because of the coupon circulars in it. be truthful...ANDY goes and buys the paper for me every Sunday!  He's a great guy about doing things like that for me...I think I'll keep him!  :)   I also subscribe to "All You" magazine because every month they have $80-$100 worth of coupons in it and I found a really good deal on the magazine so I think it ended up costing me about 66 cents/issue to subscribe! 
I check what's on sale and match the sales to available coupons.  Not only do *I* this, but there are many blogs out there in blogdom that are devoted to doing the match-ups.  I follow about 5-6 of these blogs and am able to find even more deals by reading those blogs.  When you have multiple people on the lookout for the coupon/sales match-ups, you are able to find more than just one person alone.
So...I thought that I'd show you how I just got home from Walgreens with $36.01 worth of products and and extra $12.08 in my pocket to boot!
This is what I purchased:

No...technically I don't need anymore cold medicine...but when it is a money-maker, I pick it up.  Then I pass it along to people who need it.  Frequently, I put this stuff in a basket for Erin & Trinity to go through and let them take home with them what they need when they are here visiting.  However, since Trinity has started couponing, she probably won't need much so what Erin doesn't take, I'll pass along to other friends or donate to a charity.   I also always pick up pediatric medication when it is free or a money-maker and pass it along to Erin for Sera, our granddaughter.

This medication is very expensive when you have to run out and get it on short notice.  But by stocking up when it is free or a money-maker, you are ready for when you or your family gets sick!  :)

Here is a picture of my receipt.  You can see that after all my coupons and Register Rewards (from previous shopping trips) I paid $10.41 cash out of my own pocket.

"But WAIT ONE MINUTE, said it was free and they PAID YOU to take it!"  

Yes, my dear...they did.   Because after I paid them $10.41, the machine beside the register spit out 2 Register for $6 and one for $3.50.  These can be used like cash towards my next purchase at Walgreens.  

Then that same generous machine also spit out 2 rebate for $6.99 and one for $6.  I need to send those in...and when I do I will get checks back from the manufacturer for those


For those of you who might be interested in learning more about how to power coupon and get the majority of your toiletries, etc., for free or nearly free...or even make money doing it...I recommend that you start by going to this site and reading/watching her tutorials:

If you are interested and want to go further, here are links to the couponing blogs that I follow and find a great help:

Now, a follow-up on this postMy ebay auctions ended today on the book and the bra...both items for $9.99 + shipping and the other for $9.49 + shipping.  That is an additional $19.48 into my pocket and 2 items will be physically leaving my house as soon as I receive payment.

Turning unwanted items into that's my style!  :)

Please leave a comment to let me know you stopped by and tell me what you "released" into the wild!



  1. another great couponing website is


  2. Thanks, Kristin...I added that site to my blog reader! :)

  3. I am behind in commenting on your blog so I thought I'd pick a place and start.

    I loved this post. Thank you again for teachin' me the ways of couponing and how to play the drug store game. :)