Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Hospital Pics and a Tossing...

Quote for the day:
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress,
and working together is success." 
~Henry Ford

Last evening working at the new hospital was a lot of fun...mostly due to my great co-workers.  

The trucks were supposed to start arriving at the new hospital with our department's equipment and supplies shortly after 3 PM.  However, due to "things" know, those "things" that always show up just to throw a wrench into your finely tuned cogs...yeah, those things...we didn't start receiving our equipment/supplies till about 8:45 PM.

But many hands make light work... and when our things finally arrived, we all jumped in with both feet.  By 11:00 PM everything that had arrived was put into it's new home, set-up, plugged in, stored, etc.  We have a great bunch of nurses in our department and we were able to think outside the box where needed and I think we did great job of getting the Recovery Room ready for patients that will start coming through...possibly as early as tomorrow!  :)

Since this new hospital doesn't open for patients until tomorrow, some supplies and equipment were left at the old hospital.  Those last items will be transferred over tomorrow and will need to be put away, too.  That's what I'll be doing there tomorrow...helping to put the finishing touches on the unit.

I thought I'd share some pics of my co-workers and the new department:

 The desk at the nurses station.

Stocking supplies...

More stocking...

And, finally...even more stocking! 

Sunset from the second floor outdoor balcony...
this is an extension of the waiting area for
surgery, endoscopy, and cath lab.

While we were waiting for the supplies to arrive about 5 of us took a stroll through the new hospital and grounds, familiarizing ourselves with our new surroundings.  There are lots of outdoor areas with seating and tables.  It was a perfect fall evening for being outside.  

I have to tell you...this hospital is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Inside and out!  Everything is state-of-the-art!  We have heard that that there is one piece of equipment that is so new, that there are only 2 other hospitals in the USA that even have it!  And another piece of equipment is the first one of it's kind installed in a hospital so far!  

I am proud to be a part of this! 

Now...for my decluttering for today...nothing too earth-shattering...just some paper clutter "released".

This is a stack (about 2" tall) of old Christmas cards that we had received...prob. about 6 years ago.
I had kept them and was going to "repurpose" them into a craft...but obviously that never occurred.  Along with the cards are some recipe cards that I have moved from place to place for the past several months.  I don't write recipes anymore...if I want a recipe,  I google it and print it off the computer.  No more handwritten they went in the trash with the old cards, too.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment to let me know what you "released" into the wild today...



  1. Today has been very busy.... Today I got rid of some old cookie mix... I Baked them, then sent them out to the game room for the BOYS to eat up.... Hopefully that will take care of my last sweet tooth baking craving.... I did not waste food.....

  2. Today was busy getting ready for birthday parties. I had two cakes to bake, BBQ to make and a very messy kitchen to clean. In that process I finally decided to wash out the old soap dispenser in my kitchen that went with my old kitchen decor. So it is clean and in the goodwill bag now... And the cakes were delicious, of course!

  3. I also got rid of some recipes today. I had piled some cookbooks and some printed out recipes on a chair in the living room, and finally organized and put them on the bookshelf. I threw out a handful of stuff and feel better about clearing off the chair.


  4. Looks like y'all had fun while workin' on Friday. I love those kinda days. I'm sure having all your co-workers all excited about the goal of getting the new place up and running made the work of gettin' everything put away go much quicker.

    On Saturday I went through our bookshelf and cleaned it up a bit. In the process I found 2 old phone books that I was sure we could live without. To tell you the truth we rarely use the new one either. Google or Whitepages always has the answer. :)

  5. I'm reading this late, but feel compelled to comment. First of all, I agree with Loretta, if I need a recipe, I google it. But, unfortunately, that doesn't stop me from reading magazines scouring for easy fun recipes. Because, let's face it... you can google any recipe... but you have to know what recipe to google!!! I'm a recipe saver. That is my hobby and passion, so, I'll have to look for something else to de-clutter. And, don't get me started on old cards!!!