Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Day...Another Appointment...

Quote for the day:
I can see clearly now, the brain is gone... 

Even though I am currently off of work because of my back, with all of my appointments for physical therapy, massage therapy, doctor's appointments, etc., I am busier than a one-armed paper-hanger(No offense to all those one-armed paper-hangers out there...LOL)

Yesterday after my physical therapy appointment I thought I'd take a stroll through The GW (Goodwill, for those of you who aren't familiar with thrift-store shopping). 

One thing that I always pick up when I see it on a yardsale or in a thriftstore (assuming it has a nice low price on it) is anything having to do with organization.  If you recall in this post I mentioned buying a wooden Lennox China drawer organizer for 50 cents at a yardsale.  

So yesterday when I was at The GW I picked up a wire shelf like this one, only black and a little bigger than this one:

This white shelf had been in the cupboard where I keep our medicines, but it was not really deep enough or wide enough and I always had trouble with the box of medicines sitting on top of it correctly.

The black one I bought is deeper and wider so fit the area much better.  

While removing the white one and "installing" the black one, I found this item pushed towards the back.  Suffice it to say the expiration date was 8/ out it went!

Here is a picture of the medicine storage area with the new black shelf now doing a superb job holding everything steady and doubling the effective storage area of that part of the shelf.'s part of being a nurse that makes me want to make sure that any and every illness is properly prepared for!  LOL

The white wire shelf has found a new home in the makes can storage so much easier to have these don't have to do so much rearranging of the cans when you want to find one.  :)

I encourage you to keep your eyes open when you are out and about at yardsales or thrift stores for items that can help you with organizing your living space.  I am always on the lookout for baskets, preferably ones that are square instead of get less wasted space with the square than with the baskets are an excellent way to store/corral  things on a shelf or in a closet, etc.  They can also be found quite cheaply when you are out thrifting.  I also use shoeboxes, both cardboard and clear plastic, to keep things organized.  

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  1. 3 bags and one box to Goodwill this week! And a couple more things into the Andrew box...


  2. Slowly gathering some clothing items to drop off at the Salvation Army -- probably have enough to fill a bag and make a trip a small 2-shelf bookcase on clearance at CVS a few weeks ago ($3.75!!) and got all the boys books put away so now their closet floor is clean....thanks for the inspiration

    Shannon Hamrick