Friday, October 29, 2010

Magazines on the way out...

Quote for the day:
Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. 
~Author Unknown

Hi, Peeps...hope everyone is doing well as we head into the weekend.

Tomorrow there is an estate auction that Andy & I are planning on attending.  I'm taking one of those canvas folding chairs to sit in because my back hurts when I stand too long. 

The pictures for the auction shows a lot of sewing stuff (for Me) and some crocks (for Andy).  (A friend at my work calls Andy the "Great White Crock Hunter" because of his collection of crocks.  LOL)  He doesn't collect them to "keep"...instead, he likes "wheeling & dealing" in them.  He buys them "low" and sells them "medium"...his prices are MUCH more reasonable than at antique stores.  It's his quilting is mine!  :)

Since I have completed Rebekah's quilt (the one I showed you in the last post) and I am waiting for the batting that I have ordered for my next quilt to come in, I've been doing some "fun" blocks...scrappy log cabin blocks.

When I finish with a quilt and am cleaning up my sewing room, I cut leftover fabric into strips and store them in clear plastic shoeboxes according to size.  Every so often I have to go in to those shoeboxes and make something with the scraps because the lids won't fit on the the boxes anymore!  LOL

The 1.5" strip box was pretty dang full, so I thought I'd "play" in them for a while and make some scrappy blocks.  Here are some of those completed blocks on my "design wall"... 

Do you remember "flannel-boards" from Sunday School?  Fabric adheres to flannel really I taped a VERY LARGE piece of flannel to part of one wall in my sewing room.  Then when I am making a quilt I can put the blocks on it to rearrange them to see how I want to put the quilt together.  Because the blocks are fabric, they adhere to the wall very well...thus, a "design wall"!!  :)

Because I am using "scraps" from other quilts that have accumulated...I guess that you could say my making scrap blocks is a form of decluttering!  :D

But now for some "real" decluttering...

When I go to physical therapy I have about 20 minutes to read while I have  the muscle-stim and hot packs on my back.  I've been taking quilting magazines with me to go through.  These magazines were given to me by a friend who received them from a friend.  Each of those people took out of the magazines what they wanted for future there are few-to-no complete instructions/patterns in the magazines by now.  They are mostly just pictures at this point.  

So after I tear out what I want to keep from them (inspiration photos/ideas and any patterns that I may want in the future) I toss the magazines.
Here is the pile of 4 magazines that I went through and are now ready to be "released" via the trash:

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and to let me know what you have "released" into the wild!  
Have a great weekend!



  1. While I haven't done as well as I had hoped, I did get the baker's rack in the entrance less cluttered (not the same as de-cluttered, but it's headed in the right direction). It's been more days than I care to mention since I started clearning* it off, but it now only holds framed pictures, some of Jeff's papers, a drill (yeah, I know, we need to get that out to the garage!), some out-going mail, and my purse & keys. It's a better welcome home than when it was completely covered in mail/papers/tools.


    *clearning = verb used instead of "clearing" or "cleaning", most often used when typing so fast you make up new words :-)

  2. I love your design wall. It was absolutely perfect when I was creating Amelia's quilt. :)