Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ready To Go Into The Frame!!!

My Blue Ridge Beauty blocks are now a FLIMSY(!!)...ready to be marked and loaded onto the hand quilting frame!  YAY!!!

I still need to figure out a backing for it.  I don't want to buy more fabric for the backing, so I think I'll pick something out from the $2/yard fabric that I bought from my LQS (local quilt store) several months ago, and piece the backing.  

I don't have any batting big enough for it (94" X 108"), so I'll need to go the quilt store on Monday and pick up a batt. 

This top is so big, I had to turn is sideways to get it to fit on our bed for photographing!  LOL

This quilt was made as a "Leader/Ender" project out of scraps leftover from previous quilts...all except for the red and blue borders...that came from yardage in my stash.   It's amazing what you can make from leftover scraps!



  1. I found Dora! Oh, wait, wrong game...
    Your quilt is beautiful, even before completion. It's amazing that this is a scrap project because I think that the colors all look so good together!

    1. Yep...Dora is in there. So is some of the blue fabric from YOUR quilt! That Dora fabric is from Monica's quilt from 2004! :)

  2. I found Dora too;) Scrap piecing is the way to go. :) I am trying to corner all of my fabric and cut it into 6.5 squares, if it is not big enough a 2.5 x 6.5 rectangle, is it is not big enough, then I will cut to a 2.5 x 2.5. After that it will have to go into the stuffing bag:) Great Job!on your Blue Ridge Beauty! Do you watch Bonnie on her live feed? :) she is amazing. Reminds me of my great Aunt Lola, who would put any fabric in a quilt and it looked beautiful :)

    1. Occasionally, I've watched Bonnie on her webcast. Many times it doesn't fit with my schedule, though. :( She is just as laid back and sweet in person, too!

      Save any pieces bigger than 1" X 1" and make "crumb" blocks or a "string" quilt! Or if you have strips that are 1.5" wide, you can make a scrappy "log cabin" quilt!

      I only throw out pieces that are less than 1" wide. :)

  3. What a beautiful quilt top Loretta! I love how you utilize your scraps in everything! I can't wait to see how you will hand quilt it!