Saturday, June 22, 2013

Table Update...

Quote for the Day:
"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." 
~Tori Filler

Back in April, Andy & I went to an estate auction and I picked up this little baby...a vintage typewriter table...for $2.00. 

I thought it would come in handy in my sewing room as a "portable" flat surface for...well...whatever. 

But FIRST...I wanted to paint it RED!  (My favorite color, BTW.  Of course, you couldn't tell that by the RED sofa, chair cushion and rug in the background of the picture, could you?  LOL)

It took two cans of spray paint to get adequate coverage, but I finally got it all finished and it is now in my sewing room.

I am currently using it beside my hand quilting frame to hold all my "tools" for hand quilting.  That way my "stuff" no longer has to perch precariously on the two rear rollers anymore.  :)

I particularly like that you can extend the "arms" to make a bigger surface, if needed.

The wheels roll really well, too...even on the carpet!  Plus, they have "locks" on them if you want to keep the table stationary.  I think this table will come in very handy for many uses in the future and is a great addition to my sewing room!  :)



  1. So pretty!! It turned out fabulous!

  2. Awesome.....what a makeover, too!

  3. COOL! I love to see how people reuse items. Great job!

  4. Great find and great refinish, Loretta. I like the lines of that little table with its sweet curved legs. Red is my favorite color, too.

  5. Red is my favorite color, too. Looks really good. Congratulations on your find. I just posted about redoing a high chair I bought for one dollar at an auction in 1986. It is now in shape for the grands. Love reusing instead of throwing away!