Sunday, June 2, 2013

Andrew's Fifth Birthday...

Quote for the Day:
“I sustain myself with the love of family.”
― Maya Angelou

We were in Georgia for the last 10 days, visiting with our son and daughter-in-law, Paul & Trinity, and grandson, Andrew.  While there, Erin, Dale, and Sera came in from Tennessee for Andrew's 5th birthday party over Memorial Day weekend.  

Andrew is into dinosaurs...he can identify about 100 different kinds (I didn't even know there were that many LOL) everything was dinosaur-themed!  

...and who doesn't like Legos???

The kids had a "dinosaur egg hunt"...

 (my granddaughter, Sera, left, and Trinity's niece, Amelia, right)
...who knew that those plastic Easter eggs would come in handy twice in one year???  LOL
Tonya, Trinity's sister, did face-painting again this year.  This time it was dinosaurs...

There was  a swing set to play on...

 (Tobey, [Trinity's brother], Sera & Amelia)
 ...and a small pool for cooling off in the heat of the day...

Between Paul's 2 dogs, Erin's dog, and our Ginger, there were 4 dogs in attendance, too.  Andrew's little 10 month old cousin, Kaylee, (Amelia's younger sister) got "puppy kisses" from Ginger!  :)

Trinity and her mom, Terry, provided us with made-to-order quesadillas!   Here they are, hard at work!  MMMMM...delish!! 

Erin...hamming for the camera...because she's usually the one taking the pictures!  :)


 (Andrew and Kaylee, Tonya's daughter)
 (Sera and Andrew)
Birthday Boy with Daddy...


After the party, we had some family photos taken...

 (L to R:  Trinity, Paul, Andrew III, me, Andy, Erin, Sera, and Dale)

There's always plenty of laughter when the family gets together!!!

What's a tired, hot, Birthday Boy supposed to do when he's all worn out???  Lay in front of the fan...

...or on top of a very patient Daisy (Erin's dog)...

Let's finish this day with a cousin's sleep-over and watch "The Land Before Time" movie...

...because Grandma & Grandpa are EXHAUSTED!!!

I have a lot more to share with you from our trip, but I'll put them in future posts so you don't get overloaded with pictures!  :)



  1. 1.) Adorable!
    2.) You should put last year's family pick next to this year's so we can compare and contrast.
    3.) Sera is getting so big!
    4.) I've never met him, but Dale looks like he's lost weight :-)

    Miss you guys!

    1. 1) Of course! LOL
      2) The last family picture was actually TWO years ago! I'll try to do that, though, in an upcoming post!
      3) Yes, she is!...and tall, too!
      4) Yes, he has! Over 50 pounds so far!