Thursday, June 20, 2013

Games People Play...

Quote for the Day:
"A bargain is something you cannot use at a price you cannot resist."

Our family likes to play games when we get together...Apples to Apples, UNO, Scattergories, etc., so when Trinity found a new game at a thrift store for the princely sum of 25¢, she splurged and bought it!!  It wasn't one that we had ever heard of or played before, but when Andy & I were in Georgia in May, the 4 of us...Trinity, Paul, Andy, and myself...all sat down and learned how to play.

The game is called "Tripoley" and it is FUN FUN FUN!!!  The four of us played it for four nights in a row and one day when Paul was at work, Andy, Trinity, and I played it with 3 players.

If you like games and can get your hands on this one, I highly recommend it!  We had a blast playing it!



  1. There's a card game that I'm gonna have to find for us to play called Sequence. We've played it with my friend Kari and her husband. You can play 3 player or 4 player with teams. It's like poker and connect 5 mixed together. It's pretty fun!

  2. we played that growing up! I do not know what ever happened to it though!

  3. Oh my gersh Erin, Sequence is an awesome game! And there are many variations! The original Sequence or Giant Sequence are the best. I also have Dice Sequence, and Tina has Kid's Sequence.
    Another good card game is Phase 10. Tina has the original game, and have have Phase 10 Masters.
    I highly recommend both games!

  4. BTW - I used to have that exact table & chairs set! I purchased it at Montgomery Ward in 2000, and last fall brought it out of storage to sell to a friend who has been looking for that se for a looooong time.