Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Start of a New Quilt!!!!

Quote for the day:
“There is a very fine line between hobby and mental illness.” 
~ Dave Barry

Good morning, Peeps!  Glad you stopped by my blog!  Bet you are surprised that I am posting a blog entry in the morning!, too!  LOL

For those who know me personally, you know that I am NOT a morning person.  However, I thought since I had a few minutes and was semi-awake, I'd go ahead and show you what I started on yesterday...
This would be considered more of a "quilting" post than a "decluttering" post...
That is unless you've seen THIS...(cue scary music!!!)

Yes, folks...that is a closet full of fabric...called a "stash"...
So, in my own liberal definition of "decluttering" making quilt blocks is "decluttering"...because it is using up something that is in the house and making it leave my house...eventually...when the quilt is will leave my house...and find it's new home...eventually... is what I started making yesterday...
First off...when you start a new quilt, you make a "test block" make sure you read the cutting and sewing directions correctly, and to make sure that you "enjoy" making this pattern.  If you don't enjoy making the pattern, this quilt will become a UFO (UnFinished Object) and will languish in some deep, dark recesses of your sewing room...and we don't want that...we have enough of those as it is without adding more to them!
Here is my "test block" that is made from scraps of fabric:
(P.S. Trinity...ask Paul if he recognizes the brown fabric the jar is made of!  And you recognize the fabric the lid is made of?)
I liked the way the block pieced together and so I started cutting the "real" fabric...the fabric I had selected for the quilt...and made these three blocks while watching the election results last night.

These are the start of a "Bug Jar" quilt for my grandson.  It will be a twin-size for when he gets big enough to go into a "big boy bed".

I love how the faint stripes in the gray fabric used for the lids looks like those old zinc lids they used to use on canning jars many years ago!  :)  

When I'm quilting I either watch TV or listen to audiobooks that I download from the library onto my laptop.   The book that I am currently listening to is "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop, an excellent book, I might add!  

She is a former wife of a polygamist who was high-level in the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints cult in Colorado City, Colorado.  I have read several books about the FLDS, especially those which are written by former members.  They are REAL eye-openers as to the "real life" of this cult.  The book that got me started interested in learning about the dark little secrets in that cult was "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer.  He is a great author that has written many documentaries, including "Into Thin Air" about the hikers to Mt. Everest.   If anyone is interested about learning more about this cult and it's lifestyle, I encourage you to read books by the people who have escaped it.  I have read several and the themes and information are the same, so I know it isn't just one person's grudge.  These books certainly paint a different lifestyle than is portrayed on TLC's show, The Sister Wives.  I have watched those shows and they are so "white-washed", it is pathetic.  It's like glorifying the life of a meth addict when we know that a meth addict's life is not glamorous. of my soapbox now...LOL. 

I encourage you to see what your library has available to download to PC, MP3, and CD's.  It is amazing what is FREE to us out just need to know about it and use it!  

With that, I'm going to sign off for today and go get ready for my physical therapy appointment.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you are reading and what you have "released" into the wild recently!



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  1. Hhhmm...I dont recognize the fabric the jar lids are made out of...prob cause I cant get a really good look at it. What is it from?