Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rain, Rain...Go Away...Come Again Some Other Day...

Quote for the day:
I'm just waiting for people to start asking me to make the rain disappear.
~David Copperfield
"It was a dark and"'s dark...and rainy...and cold...but not what you could call "stormy".  Alas, it is autumn.  Soon to be winter.  Soon to be February...
"February?" you ask.  Yep...February.  An important month for us this coming year.  Andy will be celebrating his 60th birthday in February and hopefully all of the kids will come home for it.  Plans have started being made by the Tennessee contingent to come home and hopefully, the Georgia contingent will be working towards the same means, soon.
I have been trying to figure out what to do for someone who doesn't like "parties" to help him usher in his 7th decade of life.  Today, I came up with some ideas, ran them past him and we are in agreement as to which one is best.
So now "we have a pwan...e pwuibus unum"!   (Okay...what movie is that line from, Folks?)  :)  And now that we have a "pwan"...I'm happy...something to work towards.  
I've been working on making more bug jar blocks.  I have started listening to a new book which is riveting.  I cannot recommend it enough!  At the beginning of the book, the author describes the early years of his son's life and it mirrors my own son's early years...the toys, the movies, the games, etc.  I am grateful that my kids did not get into the drug culture because listening to this story is heart-wrenching.   Again...I highly recommend this book...

Here is a link to the father's website:  Beautiful Boy about some decluttering for this not-so-fine Sunday...
I have had this stack of sweaters and velvet dresses in my sewing room:
I had been collecting them to do crafting with...I was going to felt the sweaters and make a quilt/throw out of them and I want the velvet dresses to make Christmas stockings out of the velvet.  (Buying velvet dresses by the pound at our former Goodwill Outlet was cheaper than buying velvet fabric....much cheaper!)
I have decided that making the wool quilt is not something that I'm probably ever going to pursue doing, so I "released" them (there were only 3).  I am going to save the velvet, so it has been put away.
It now looks like this:
I store my Christmas fabrics in the picnic baskets to keep it separate from my regular fabric. 
I have 3 more auctions on Ebay for the Pfaltzgraff dishes that I bought at the estate auction 2 weeks ago.  Two of the 3 auctions have bids and will sell.  I'm hoping the third item will sell at the last minute, too.  As soon as I receive payment, these items, too, will be "released" to their new owner!
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  1. Although I've never done it, I've always wanted to turn a sweater into a pillow. Turn it inside out, sew up 3 sides, turn right side out, put in the pillow form, and finish up the 4th side. I think it would be awesome!


  2. "We Have A Pwan!!!"....American Tale!! "Wewease the secwet weapon!" Love it! lol