Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Day in the LIfe...

Quote for the day:
You know you've got to exercise your brain just like your muscles.
~Will Rogers
It's Tuesday...yep...it is...I think...yep...I'm pretty sure it's Tuesday.
Today was my day off from physical therapy, so I took the opportunity to go to Rite Aid and Walgreens and do my "couponing".  Thought I'd share my deals with you all...
Here are my purchases from Rite Aid:
Before coupons the total was $18.21.   After coupons I paid out-of-pocket  $3.04 and received $7.49 in UP Rewards to use as cash towards my next purchase.   So today I got all the above pictured products for free, plus made $4.45 for shopping at Rite Aid today!  :)

Here is what I purchased at Walgreens:

Before coupons the total was $38.35.  After coupons I paid out-of-pocket  $22.04 and received $7.00 in Register Rewards.  In addition, two products have rebates that I will send in...$19.99 and $5.99.   So I got all the products purchased for free but also made $10.94 for shopping at Walgreens today!  :)
Now for some decluttering...
Andy & I both like to do Sudoku puzzles.  We buy the books for $1 at Deals and Andy does the 4 star puzzles and I do the 3 star puzzles.  (Yeah...he's smarter than me...what can I say?)  
After he does the 4 star puzzles he puts the books aside for me to do mine.  However, not only does he do more than I do, he isn't as picky as to what books he likes to do his in.  There is only one brand of book that I like to do...the others either are in big books that are hard to handle or the print is too light or the puzzles too small.  (Yeah...I'm picky...LOL.)
Anyway...the moral to the story is that we end up with a pile of books waiting for me to go through and pick out which ones I want to work the puzzles in.  
Here's the stack of books:

Here are the books that I "released" by throwing away because they don't meet my specifications:

I like to do a puzzle or two before I fall asleep to unwind or to take with me to appointments when I have to wait.  Here are the five books that I kept to do the puzzles in:

I know that the structure of those last sentences was really awkward and could use some editing...but, frankly,  forget it...it's Tuesday, for goodness sakes!  LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you "released" into the wild recently!


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  1. I actually threw out all of the left over sudoku books you guys gave me about 2 years ago cause I never did them. Now I'm wishing I hadnt cause there are lots of times on my off days when I dont want to watch TV, browse online/be on the computer, or when I dont have anything else thats more pressing to do and I wish I had the puzzles to do. But I have a sudoku puzzle game on my phone so that usually works. lol