Friday, November 19, 2010

Not Gone...Just Away...

Quote for the day:
Absence blots people out. We really have no absent friends.
~Ambrose Bierce
Thank you all for stopping by the blog even though I haven't had any new posts for a few days.  Sorry 'bout that...
Life has gone from "Park" that is has been in for the last 5 weeks to "1st gear".  Not much of an increase, but a little movement towards my returning to my "normal" life.   
I have started back to work this week, but at 4 hour shifts instead of my normal 8 hour shifts.  I will be doing these 4 hour shifts this week and next.  Then, hopefully, by the week after Thanksgiving I'll be able to physically return to my full shifts again...barring anything bad happening and that I can do the work without too much back pain.
I am continuing with physical therapy 3 times a week until I return to 8 hour shifts.  Then I will drop down to 1 day a week of physical therapy.
I hope to get a good post for you this weekend, so please keep checking back!
Thanks again for visiting my blog.  Please leave a comment letting me know you were here and what you have "released" into the wild this week! 

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