Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day in the USA...

Quote for the day:
Politicians are like diapers.  They both need changing regularly
and for the same reason.  ~Author Unknown

Today is Election Day for what is termed "mid-term elections"...or as our Asian friends would say..."Erection Day".   :D   I hope that everyone of you got out today and performed your civic duty and voted.

While at the polling place I heard that this is the last election that we are going to be using the electronic voting.  The workers said that starting with the next election we are going to go back to paper ballots.  I didn't hear the reason they gave...but I was saddened by the news...I like the electronic voting.  :(   

 When someone mentioned that it was just like Taylor County to take one step forward and 2 steps back, the workers said that "everyone" is going back to paper.  I don't know if that "everyone" is "everyone in WV" or "everyone in the USA".  I guess we'll just have to wait till the next election and find out. 

I wanted to share this link with you...I think you might enjoy it:

I had 2 very good days without any pain...Saturday and Sunday.  I was doing pretty well on Monday until I went to physical therapy.  Last night I woke up about 4 AM with back pain.  I took a pain pill, but didn't get back to sleep till 7 AM...and then slept till 9:30 when the phone rang.

 The physical therapy sessions last for 2-2.5 hours and I am wiped out by the time I get home.  I think that the pool therapy in 95 degree temp water really lends to that tired feeling afterward.  Even though I can do a lot of exercises in the pool that I wouldn't be able to do on dry land, the warmth of the water not only relaxes the muscles...it also relaxes me!  

 When I get home after physical therapy I have no energy left to cook or do anything else.

Between the physical therapy, which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday...dealing with the pain and many nights of lack of sleep, I just don't have the drive or desire to declutter.

I can tell you that one of my Ebay auctions...the one for the berry bowls...has a bid on it.  The other auctions have "watchers", so I'm certainly hoping that they sell, too.   That will be some items leaving my house...which will feel good!  

These are the berry bowls that have a bid so far...

Even though I'm not carrying through with much decluttering right now, I encourage those of you who are working on decluttering to continue and I'll catch up with you when I am feeling better...I promise...Scouts honor!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave me a comment to let you know you were here and what you "released" into the wild recently!

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