Thursday, July 4, 2013

When the Going Gets Tough...

...the quilter's get quilting!

Update on Baby Alex: 
Alex's left lung collapsed today, so they had to insert a chest tube to re-expand the lung.  They have also placed him back in an oxygen hood.  They have given him a few drops of breast milk, but are not going to increase the amount at this time because of the possibility of him regurgitating and aspirating.
This is a set-back, but Paul said the doctor told them that this should be the worst of it.  Let's certainly hope so!  We are in serious need of some good news at this point.

The whole situation is made even worse by the fact that we aren't down there with them due to my own health issues and some very important doctor's visits that I have scheduled.  We will be leaving to go join them just as soon as it is feasible.

It has been a very stressful is a holiday, and there are no "distractions" to take our minds off our little grandson.  I've vacuumed the carpeted floors and dusted the hardwood floors, but that's about all I could do, cleaning-wise, before my back started talking to me.

So I thought I'd retreat to my sewing room and work on some things.  

About a week ago, Trinity asked me if I'd make a quilt block to frame that would go with Alex's nursery theme:  black & white damask with blue accents.  

Yesterday I went to the quilt store but wasn't able to find "damask", but since I've seen the bedding, etc., I got a black and white fabric that I thought would go nicely with it.  The rest came from my stash and today I came up with this block...

Tomorrow after my doctor's appointment, I will run by AC Moore and see if they have a mat and frame for it.   It's 12.5" X 12.5", so I'm hoping they do.

Hope Baby Alex will enjoy looking at it on his wall when he finally gets to come home!  :) 


  1. It looks great!! Baby Alex is going to love it! I think you should put a small tag on the back of it like you do with your quilts. :-)

  2. Bless your hearts! I am just now getting all caught up on your blog! I pray everything goes well with your new grandson. I am sure he love that block forever knowing his grandma made it for him! Best wishes with your back......I have been down in mine as of late too!

  3. Alex is such a little guy to have to go through so much. I hope he continues to make speedy progress to full health -- and going home! I hope for improvement for your back, too, Loretta. The block is beautiful. It will look lovely framed. Blessings to you and your family and especially little Alex.

  4. Very nice. Prayers for Alex and your family.