Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Alex is HERE!!!

Alexander Pierce is HERE!!!

There have been issues with Trinity's pregnancy since the 32nd week when they found out that the baby was very small.  The doctors and neonatalogist followed the pregnancy closely, but when the baby still wasn't growing enough by her office visit on Monday, they decided to admit Trinity to the hospital that night for a C-section the next morning.

So Alex made his debut yesterday, July 2, sometime around 8:30 AM!  He weighed in at 5 pounds, 4 ounces.  He appeared to be doing well for the first hour or so and was able to be in the room with the parents and family for  a little bit.  However, after a couple hours, it was noted that he was grunting and retracting...both signs of respiratory distress in infants.  

He was taken to the intermediate nursery, placed under oxygen, had a chest x-ray and some lab work.  Today tests show he has bilateral pneumonia.  :(

At this time he remains in the nursery in an incubator, unable to be held by his loving, and obviously upset, parents.  They have placed an IV in the cord vessel and have started giving him nutrition through it until the mom's milk comes in.  

These pictures were taken when he was still in the room soon after birth...before he was whisked off to the nursery/incubator.

Is he making "moose ears" or is he saying "nahnah nahnah nah nah"?

As soon as she learned that her sister-in-law was going to have her C-section, Erin and Sera packed up and drove to Georgia to be there to take care of Alex's big brother, Andrew, and to get the nursery and house in order for Alex's coming home.

Here is Erin holding Alex...

Does she look like a proud Auntie, or what???  :)

Andy & I cannot be there till next week.  We are beside ourselves with concern for Alex's health and longing to hold and kiss our new grandson!  This is the first grandchild that we have not been present for the birth.  :(

Please keep this little peanut in your thoughts and prayers for a quick healing so he can be cuddled by those who love him so much!

Oh...and before I forget...HAPPY 8th ANNIVERSARY to Alex's parents, Paul and Trinity!


AND...a very HAPPY 31st ANNIVERSARY to my husband, Andy!   Here's to another 31 years!  :)




  1. Wow! So much to celebrate! Congrats on all the good stuff, and prayers are with Alex for getting strong and healthy so he can be loved on! :o)

  2. Congratulations to the whole family! My prayers go out to baby Alex with the hope that he is soon well enough to go home with his parents!