Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alex Update, and More...

Wow...what a crazy few days it has been!

On Sunday, Andy & I traveled to Georgia to see our son et al.  We usually do the trip in 2 days because it is just a LOONNNGGG trip.  But, because of the circumstances with Baby Alex and all, we decided to leave early enough Sunday morning to do it in one day.  

WRONG DECISION!!  We ran into not one, not two, but THREE different traffic jams that lengthened the trip by 1-1 1/2 hours.  :(  We left WV just before 9 AM and arrived in GA at 11:45 PM.  UGH.

Trinity got discharged from the hospital on Saturday and she and Paul are staying at a motel across the street from the hospital so they can go visit Baby Alex as much as possible.   Because of that, we didn't get to see them till Monday evening when they came to the house for supper and a very nice visit!  Our daughter Erin, and granddaughter Sera,  have been staying at Paul & Trintiy's house taking care of Andrew, the dogs, and the house.  :)

The latest update on Baby Alex is from last night:  All tubes and IV's have been removed except for the oxygen.   They are weaning him off of that, and as of last night, he was down to just 1 liter by nasal cannula.   Their goal is to have that off by today, Wednesday, move him to a regular crib in the regular nursery, do a car seat test today or tomorrow, and then plan to discharge on Friday!  On Tuesday, he was up to 30cc of breast milk every 3 hours and today they were going to increase him to 60cc.  So far he has been tolerating his milk without reflux or issues!  

I wish I had a more recent picture to share with you all, but the last picture I have access to was texted to me on my phone and for some reason I can't get it off of there and onto my computer for posting.  I hope to have pictures of him in person, soon.  BTW, we still haven't been able to see him in person because only the parents are allowed into the NICU.  When he gets moved to a regular crib, we should be able to at least see him through the glass of the nursery, if not actually allowed to hold him.

Let's hope and pray that he does well with each of those and is able to come home!

On Tuesday, I woke up to the sound of bubbles in my right ear...and a very wet feeling on my pillow under that ear.

My right eardrum had BURST!!!  (I think the pain of it bursting might have been a factor in waking me up, too, but since I was asleep, I don't remember feeling it.)  After much ado on the phone with my insurance company trying to locate an "urgent care" or "quick care" clinic that I could go to that took my insurance, we finally found one in a town about 20 miles away.  During the hour that we sat in the waiting room to go back and be seen, it burst AGAIN....quite painfully and loud that time...spilling serous fluid down my neck.  :(  They took us back to an exam room and I waited there ANOTHER HOUR to be seen.  (I think they misnamed the clinic when they called it a "quick" care.)  At that point, my ear was "popping" every 5 min. or so (like when you are on an airplane or driving through mountains), except that every time it "popped", fluid spilled out of my ear.

Well...I finally got seen, got a shot of steroids and a shot of antibiotic, plus prescriptions for an antibiotic, steroids, and antibiotic ear drops.  In the meantime, I'm deaf in that ear until the membrane heals.  

Thank God for Erin and Andy who have been taking care of things here at the, cleaning, dogs, kids, etc.,...while I'm trying to mend.

Will post updated pictures of Alex, just as soon as I can get them!  Thanks to all who have prayed for us during this time!  Please continue to keep Baby Alex in your thoughts and prayers!



  1. So glad to hear that Alex has improved and will be home soon! Awesome! And I'm sure hoping your ear mends quickly.....I'd never heard of such a thing! And where does all that fluid come from??? Yikes!

    1. She seemed to think that for some reason my eustatian tube wasn't draining the fluid from allergies or cold as it should. :( Guess I'll need to get it checked out by and ENT when I get home.

  2. Loretta, Now I'm praying for the both of you. Please take care. BTW #2 son was born a month early when I had respiratory issues. He was good to go after 10 days. Now he's almost 23!

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers! They are appreciated!

  3. That's great news about Alex (and I hope the next news will be even better - maybe that you've been able to hold him!) and awful news about your ear. I hope it heals soon. I've never had an eardrum burst but it sounds very uncomfortable and messy. Ugh!

  4. Oh no! I am sorry about your ear and the traffic jams! I encountered several of those on my way to South Carolina last week!