Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Alex is HOME!!!

Quote for the Day:
"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." 
~Carl Sandburg

At the ripe old age of 10 days, Alex FINALLY got to come home to the family that loves him!

Needless to say, a lot of time has been spent cuddling and loving on this little guy!  After all, we have 10 days of not being able to hold him or even be in the same room with him, so we've got some time to make up!  :)

When he first came home he was still being fed breast milk through a bottle, but after a couple feedings of that, Trinity has taken to nursing him and supplementing him as needed!  There are little "extras" that need to be done to take care of an underweight baby, but we are all just taking it in stride and pitching in.  

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and expressions of caring!  I have read each and every comment, and often cried when I was reading them.  They have meant so much to me during this time!   I truly have the BEST readers out there!  Thank you!

And now...if you'll excuse me...I have a grandbaby that needs some of Grandma's love!  :) 



  1. Adorable! I especially like the first one of you and Alex. While it's a difference composition, it reminds me of the picture of Grama rocking Paul. You can see the same love.

  2. Don't you just love how relaxed babies are? Alex is adorable. What a blessing to have him home, in the arms of those who love him. Congratulations to you and the rest of his family.

  3. That's the best news to see him home, and getting loved on! God is so good ~

  4. Keep lovin on that little guy!

  5. Best blog entry EVER!!!!!!! Love you guys!


  6. PTL! I am so happy to see him home with all of that spoiling!

  7. Congratulations! So glad your little grandson is home with you ... my last 3 grands all had to spend time in the NICU before they could come home, and it's a frustrating experience to not be able to just whisk them up and hold them. Hope you get in plenty of loving on that sweetie.