Sunday, January 6, 2013

Never a Dull Moment...

Quote for the Day:
“If you are out of trouble, watch for danger”

Saturday afternoon I was up in my sewing room with the TV on, stitching away on my Easy Street mystery quilt blocks.  Andy was downstairs in the living room working on our coal stove, trying to replace a part on it, when all of a sudden I heard "boom".  Not a loud "boom"...just a "boom".  I thought to myself, "oh no, something has exploded in the stove" and was afraid to go down and check it out.  No sooner could I think these thoughts, then Andy calls my name.  I muted the TV and asked "what?"  He replies, "ya wanna come outta there and play nurse...a car just rolled over in the street!"


I ran downstairs and outside and saw my neighbor from across the street (who is a volunteer fireman) also running out of his house. the street...was a car on it's side.  The driver was climbing out of the passengers door.  Three teenagers from a house up the street had been outside in their yard and were already on the scene.   (They can obviously run faster than us old people!  LOL)

After ascertaining that there were no other people in the car, we saw that the driver had a pretty good gash on his forearm that was bleeding.  I ran back inside the house, got a couple of clean kitchen towels, grabbed a coat (I had noticed that the driver wasn't wearing a coat and had on a short-sleeved T-shirt and it was only about 40 degrees F), and ran back outside.  I offered the coat to the driver, but he was able to reach back in through the broken driver's window and get his out of the driver's seat, where it had fallen.   He did accept the towels and applied pressure to the gash.  

At first, he didn't want to go to the hospital with the EMT's/ambulance that arrived, but the police officer and I convinced him he needed to get the wound check out as it looked like it might have glass or bits of asphalt in it.

For whatever reason, as the guy was driving down the street, he sideswiped a parked car, pushing it up onto the curb about 12-18".  He hit it so hard that he broke the back axle of the parked car, thus causing the rear tire to turn outward.  You can see it in the bottom picture.  One of the bystanders...and later the police officer...went to the home of the owner of the parked car, but there was no one there.  He did arrive home shortly thereafter....what a surprise he got...and not a pleasant one, either.  :(   I really felt sorry for him.  He's young and I'm sure was not prepared for something like this.  :( 

The trouble with being a nurse is that you are ALWAYS ON DUTY....just sometimes you don't get PAID for it.  LOL was YOUR Saturday?  



  1. Even though the library was busy, my Saturday wasn't nearly as exciting as yours. The driver was lucky to get away without worse injuries. I hope he had insurance, otherwise the other car's owner is screwed.

  2. My Saturday was completely calm, especially compared to yours! It's way too bad about the cars but good that no one was hurt worse than a cut in the arm. I hope insurance takes care of the costs! My daughter is a nurse (for only a year and a half) but I don't think she's had any experiences like this yet.

  3. Wow. That is a bit different. Imagine explaining to the insurance company.

    Hope the rest of your week is calmer.