Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miss Ginger...

Quote for the Day: 
"On cable TV they have a weather channel - 24 hours of weather. We had something like that where I grew up. We called it a window."
~Dan Spencer

We are muddling through a horrible cold snap right now, here in West Virginia.  Since Sunday, the highs have only been around 13-16 degrees F during the day and the lows have been around zero.  :(  

Too cold for a daintly little "Miss Priss" like Ginger!  LOL

When we got her, the previous owners gave us a little pink coat that they had for her.  Ya know how most animals HATE wearing clothes?  Well, Ginger LOVES to wear her coat!  In fact, if you put it on her, she doesn't want you to take it off.  And if you show it to her, she tries to put her head through the neck hole and put it on!  LOL

Since it's been so cold, I put it on her today before taking her outside to take care of her "bizness".

Don't you just LOVE that little bow on the back???  LOL  The hood actually comes forward to cover the head, too, but I didn't use it.

Now, imagine if you will...this little 13.5 pound bundle of black, white, and pink taking off across the back yard towards a visiting deer...barking her lungs out!  LOL  If you've ever seen a Boston Terrier bark, their whole body comes up off the ground with the effort!  It's quite comical to see!

The deer did vacate the property in a timely manner in response to the little, noisy, frighteningly-pink bundle.  And Ginger turned heel, trotted back to the middle of the yard with her head held high and promptly squatted to do her "bizness" like a good girl!  



  1. She is so cute and I love her winter coat. I loved the story.

  2. OMG, that's so funny! I can't imagine what that deer was thinking was coming at him! lol

  3. I think it has something to do with being a terrier that their whole bodies bounce off the ground when they bark. We have an Airedale terrier. It's almost like she has springs on her feet when she barks. I don't know if deer see in color but if they do, I'm sure they would have been alarmed not only by the bark and the speed, but also the flash of pink!

    I love your quotes at the beginning of every post, Loretta.

  4. I absolutely adore Ginger, and so do Sophia, and Gracie Lu! They would love to have a play date if only we lived closer!