Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What a Day....

Quote for the Day:
"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"
~Murphy's Law

My dad used to say, "They told me to 'smile'... things could get worse.  So I smiled... and sure enough...things got worse".

Let me just say, that we are just waiting to see what will go wrong next.  :(

Our coal stove hasn't been working right the last couple of months, so last week, Andy had to tear it down and replace a couple parts.  It's been doing its job beautifully since then!  Thank God, since we are having frigid, cold weather this week...lows around zero degrees F at night and highs around 14 degrees.  :(

Then this past weekend, I had to order a new foot control for my Husqvarna Platinum 775 sewing machine.   I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it had a crack in it (it's plastic).  I tried some duct tape, but that really didn't hold it.  I ordered the new foot the end of last week, and it arrived today.  Yay!

Yesterday we received some news that we wished that we didn't want to hear, but it will be okay...God gets us through all kinds of trials.

Then this morning, when I woke up and went downstairs for a cup of coffee, I noticed a weird smell.  It took me a few minutes to identify it, but finally I realized that it was a faint smell of an electrical motor burning.  :(  It seemed to be coming from the refrigerator.  I also noticed that there were a few drops of water dripping down from the freezer door onto the door of the main compartment.  :(:(:(  I checked and everything inside still seemed cold and the motor still sounded to be running.  

I went to my computer to have my coffee, but about 30 minutes later the smell was stronger.  I went back into the kitchen and by now, the smell was so strong it was HORRIBLE!!  It smelled like a skunk had died in my kitchen.   AFTER spraying it first!!!    :(

Yeah...that bad!  

At that point, I unplugged the fridge and called Andy.  He said he had smelled something unusual, too, but it wasn't strong enough at that time for him to tell what it was.

Luckily, we have a used fridge down in the basement that we use when we have company and need space for extra food.  I went down and plugged it in and after an hour or so, I traipsed all the food from the fridge in the kitchen, down the stairs to the fridge in the basement.   Many, many trips with a laundry basket filled with food.  :(:(

So we got to go refrigerator shopping this afternoon.  Our new Frigidaire refrigerator will be delivered next Wednesday.  :)
As pretty as it was in stainless steel, our other appliances are white, so we went with white.   Nothing fancy.  It doesn't do tricks.  It just makes ice and keeps things cold.  And that's a good thing!  :)

Katy, bar the door.  I can't take handle anymore bad news or broken things for a while! 

Now...I need some relaxation, so I'm going to my quilting room to spend a little time hand quilting.... 



  1. Quilting is my therapy too! Hopefully things will revert back to normal for you all soon! Again, one day at a time!

  2. Oh My Gosh - that is a lot going on. BUT!! The bright side - you got your exercise in by movng the food - so it should be all quilting for you - the whole Rest of the week - Hugs to you!!!