Monday, November 26, 2012

Easy Street Mystery Quilt...

Quote for the Day:
"Seven days without quilting makes one weak"
~author unknown

On Friday, Bonnie Hunter revealed the first step/clue for her new mystery quilt "Easy Street".  Since we had family in last week for Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to jump in and get started till Sunday afternoon after everyone had left.

As soon as we got the house back in order, though, I headed straight for my sewing room and stayed there till bedtime!  A whole week had gone by since I was able to sew or quilt and I think I was starting to go into withdrawals!  LOL

This is what I got accomplished so far...

 ...60 of the 192 four-patches that are required!   (Actually, there are more strips and four-patches sewn together and in the sewing machine right now, but these are all that have been separated and pressed so far.)  These are shown in stacks of 10...that's how I keep track!  I will continue to make these this week so that, hopefully, I will have all 192 done by the time the next clue comes out on Friday of this week!  :)

I'm linking this post up to Bonnie's site, so I'm keeping this post short and sweet and will do another post about the family's visit sometime soon.



  1. I really like your color choices! Very nice!

  2. Oh, and forgot to say....I love the quote at the top of your post! LOL

  3. Love your fabric choices. I don't have a lot of the brighter tones that she gave for yardage so I decided to go with what I had in my stash. For these 4 patches I used dark brown and cream/beiges. BTW...I just ran on to your blog this morning and love it. I live in KY and hubby is a nurse! :)

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  4. Very nice colors, I will enjoy watching this come together.

  5. Oh, I love the purple in your 4-patches. Looking forward to step 2.