Sunday, November 11, 2012

Okay...I've Gone Over the Deep End...

Okay...I'm going to say it right now...I'm in LOVE with a MACHINE.  

There, I said it.  Is that so wrong of me???

Before the rumors start flying, please let me explain things...

Back at Christmastime last year, when Lady first began showing signs of being ill, she started messing in the house.  She had never done that since she was a pup, so that was our first inkling that something might be wrong.  Regardless of how many times we took her out during the day, she was messing on the carpet more and more frequently.  

The beginning of March, we found out she had a brain tumor and was very ill and we had to euthanize her.  

Within a couple of weeks, we rented a Rug Doctor and cleaned the carpets.  If you have ever used one of these machines, you know that they leave your carpets VERY WET for a couple of days.  We also found that when the carpets had dried, their was still evidence of stains and the carpet really hadn't gotten very clean.

Living with these stains on our light berber carpet has been a challenge.  Stains BOTHER me and cause me to start to twitch!  :(

I knew that at some point I was going to have to either rent another machine and clean the carpets AGAIN or pay $$$$ to have someone come in to clean them.  But here's the caveat...I've never really been happy with ANY company that has come in to clean my carpets...and I've tried them ALL over the course of my home-owning years.  

Finally, a couple of months ago, I decided to check out Consumer Reports to see what home carpet cleaning machine they and their readers recommend.  One of the highest rated and most reasonably priced machines was the Bissell ProHeat.  (BTW, the reviews I read said that the Bissell ProHeat was BETTER than the next generation, Bissell ProHeat 2X.) 

Within a couple weeks of reading the reviews, I found this very model for a VERY reasonable price at Ollie's, a discount/close-out store!  I was quite happy to find one and purchased it!  :)

Today is the first day I've had a chance to use it and let me tell was sooooooooooo easy to use and lightweight!  The persistent stains are GONE and the carpets are BARELY DAMP!!!  I've covered the cleaned areas with towels, but when you walk on the towels, you don't even get the wet "footprints" like you normally do with freshly cleaned carpets!   I think they will be totally dry in no time!  :)

The carpets look as clean as the day they were installed!

I can't believe that I may have finally found an easy and convenient way to keep my carpets clean!  WOW!  Wish I had done this sooner!

(I have no affiliation with Bissell, Ollie's, or any other company mentioned in this post!  Just a very happy customer right now!)



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