Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This...and That...

Quote for the Day:
"You know that you have had enough coffee 
when you can thread the sewing machine while it is running."
~author unknown

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC holiday weekend...now back to the daily grind.  :(

Let me just say this...I can quit anytime I want!  (Yeah, right!  I won't quit till McDonald's stops selling these [frozen strawberry lemonades].)  LOL

Okay...now for some book reviews...

I've recently finished reading "We All Fall Down: Living with addiction" by Nic Sheff . It is the "sequel" to "Tweak:  Growing up on methamphetamine" and you can read my review of that book here.  Let me just say that I am very disappointed in what I learned in "We All Fall Down."  Basically, either Nic lied all through writing "Tweak" or he lied all the way through "We All Fall Down".  Both books are riveting, but I will never believe another word he writes or interview he gives.  It just reinforces what I know to be true...addicts are skilled liars.  It's how they manage to live in the addiction like they do.  

Onward to the next review...

Run, do not walk to the library to get "Spent:  Memoirs of a Shopping Addict" by Avis Cardella!  Excellent, excellent book.  What can I say....you need to read it for yourself.  

So why are you still sitting there????  ;)    Okay, okay...you can wait till you finish reading my blog.  But then you must GO!  :)

I did my weekly coupon shopping, only hitting Rite Aid so far...Walgreen's didn't have any "must get" deals and my Register Rewards don't expire till next week, so I'll just wait and use them then.

Here's what I got at Rite Aid:

No...I didn't get the dog there...she just always has to be where I am.  I laid out the items to take a picture and when I turned to get the camera, she had come and laid down.  I tell you, she's never far from me...in fact, she's usually right behind me.  I think if I stop quickly, she'll run into my ankles.  And if I turn around quickly she does get stepped on.  Frequently.  You'd think she'd learn!  LOL

Anyway...back to my shopping trip...

I bought $17.84 worth of products...spent $1.16 out-of-pocket...and received $11.50 back in +Up Rewards and SCR's (Single Check Rebates).  Not bad, huh?


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  1. $10.34 profit, very nice! I'm lookin' forward to gettin' the coupons and seein' if I can find any good deals this week!

    Also very interested in
    Spent: Memoirs of a Shopping Addict" by Avis Cardella
    Gonna have to check that out when I can get a chance!