Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Monday....

Quote for the Day:
"Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it."
  ~Author Unknown

"Monday Monday....can't trust that day..."

Raise your hand if you remember those lyrics to the song by The Mamas and The Papas.  Yes...I see those hands...    :)

I hate Mondays.  Just sayin'.  I'm sure it has to do with the whole "return to work" idea.  Why can't there be more Saturday & Sunday's in the week?  Huh?  Is that too much to ask?

But I digress...

Anyway...yesterday, a friend & co-worker turned the Big 6-OH and her boyfriend and her daughter gave her a SURPRISE birthday party at Oliverio' Italian restaurant in Bridgeport.  Andy & I were blessed to be part of it.  Pat was REALLY surprised!  I think she was on the verge of tears at the sight of everyone who turned out when she thought she and Don were going to have a private dinner...just the two of them.  LOL

BTW...the food was DELISH!  But you know the problem with Italian food is that you're hungry again in 5-6 days!!!!  LOL

I also did my couponing at Walgreen's yesterday...

Total of items purchased was $42.48.  After coupons and Register Rewards, I paid $5.19 out-of-pocket and got $10.50 back in Register Rewards...making this a $5.31 moneymaker for me!  :)

I have been gradually listing items on Ebay that I got from that estate auction I went to...things that I don't need or are duplicates of what I already have.  Last week I listed a total of 11 auctions.  Four of them ended yesterday and after all Ebay & Paypal fees, postage, etc., I've made $65.25.   I am still waiting on payment for one item that sold yesterday and have three more auctions ending tomorrow, and four ending on Thursday.   I've taken more pictures today and will list a couple more auctions before heading to work tonight.

I have so much stuff to still list on may take me a couple months!

And to answer Kristin's question about decluttering going on...

I've been getting rid of some sewing/quilting items that I've had for a while....gadgets and things that I just wasn't impressed with what they did or how they worked.   I've been throwing them in with the "lots" that I've been selling on Ebay and have been getting rid of some of my own "sewing clutter" that way.  The items are not terribly impressive by themselves, but throw them in with a bunch of other sewing/quilting paraphernalia, and you've got yourself something interesting!  :)

And speaking of Kristin...I received this beautiful item in the mail today...


Till next time...

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  1. My wedding invitation has been blogged!!! Do you mind if I blog about the fact that you blogged my invitation?
    BTW - big huge thank you to Tina for assembling most of the invitations. I'm sure she would have assembled all of them if we hadn't run out of adhesive!
    And how appropriate that the invitation is blogged on a quilting blog! I designed the invitation by cutting flowers out of fabric and arranging them to make a frame. I love our invitations!
    Can't wait to see you in October! (stop me before I use any more exclamation marks...)