Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Vacation News...

Quote for the day:
"Nothing in fine print is ever good news." 
~Andy Rooney

Good News, Bad News...

The Bad News:  We had to finish loading the car in a thunder/rain storm and the first couple hours of our trip to Georgia were in a thunderstorm with torrential rain!
The Good News:  We were on our way to see our kids and grandkids!

The Bad News:  Dale, Erin & Sera had to leave on Sunday afternoon before Andrew's birthday party was over.
The Good News:  We were able to all be together as a family for a few short days.

The Bad News:  The heat on Trinity's dryer didn't work so she could only use the "air" dry setting.  (Do you know how long it takes to dry towels on "air dry"???)
The Good News:  Andy got the dryer fixed, up and running for her!

The Bad News:  It is hotter than Haedes in Georgia!
The Good News:  Andy put up a clothesline for Trinity so that she can use the free "solar dryer" to dry her clothes during the warm months!  (And if the dryer goes on the fritz again, she will still be able to dry her clothes!)

The Bad News:  One of Paul & Trinity's electric stove burners didn't work in their "new" house...even after Trinity replaced the burner.
The Good News:  Andy fixed Paul & Trinity's stove burner that wasn't working.

The Bad News:  After fixing the burner, two other burners immediately blew out and needed fixed, too.
The Good News:  Andy was able to replace all the parts and get the entire stove up and running. 

The Bad News:  I didn't lose any weight while on vacation.
The Good News:  I didn't gain any weight while on vacation!

The Bad News:  The air conditioning went out on Paul & Trinity's car the night before we left.
The Bad News:  Andy wasn't able to fix it the next morning before we left.  :(   (Sorry, Paul & Trinity.)

The Bad News:  We lost the car charger cord to "Jill", our GPS sometime during our trip and only had 2 hours worth of battery for the return trip...so we could only use it when absolutely necessary.
The Good News:  We found the cord in Andy's suitcase after we got home and unpacked.

The Bad News:  We had to leave Georgia and return home to our "normal" lives.
The Good News:  We made it home safely and had a wonderful vacation with Paul, Trinity & Andrew.


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  1. LOL, Love your good news, bad news blog post.

    The Bad News:
    I had to suffer through the drive to Valdosta and all of the places I went yesterday with the windows rolled up because it was rainin' so hard.

    The Good News:
    When I started the car after my last stop before home I saw the air conditioner light on and so I tried it and it miraculously works!!! I got to drive all the way home with air conditioning! Paul says it was still workin' on his trip to work this mornin' too. :D