Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Non-Quilt-But-Quilt-Related Project...

Quote for the Day:
"IKEA:  Swedish for 'good luck putting this $hit together'"
~author unknown

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped some hints about a project that I wanted to do before I put the next quilt into the frame.

Last weekend, with Andy's help, I was able to complete the project.  However, since painting was involved, I had to wait till this weekend to make sure the paint was "cured" enough to actually put it into use.

This is a free-standing wardrobe that we picked up at auction when we first moved here 13 years ago.  

The "master" bedroom in this old house doesn't have any closets, so this is one of the wardrobes that we bought to provide storage space.  It was replaced a couple of years ago by a better wardrobe, so this one was moved into my quilting room to store my quilts.

As you can see with the doors open, there were no shelves, so all the quilts and extra pillows were just piled in there.  It was a pain in the butt to try to get anything in or out.  I also didn't like the dark finish on it, which was in bad condition. 

So I painted it...


...and we added two shelves for quilt storage!!!  The shelves are those white, pre-finished ones that you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot so the quilts don't have to sit on a painted surface.

The extra pillows are now stored upright in the bottom and are easily pulled out for use and the quilts are easy to see and access!!!

Whenever I paint a piece of furniture, I always take a sanding block to the edges to "distress" it and give it some instant "age"!  :)

I love how pretty and functional it is now!  :D

Ain't she purdy!  :)




  1. A nice, fresh coat of paint can improve almost any old piece of furniture. I used those pre-finished shelves in the two pantry cupboards I got to store my stash in. Two extra shelves for each one so the fabric wouldn't have to be stacked so high. Much easier to get pieces of fabric out.

  2. Love the quote of the day -- that's great! Couldn't help but laugh out loud when reading it for the 2nd time!! :-( )

    Secondly - what a fantastic job on the paint & shelving job! No more 'drab wardrobe' -- Amazing what a coat of paint can do! "Works like magic!" And the addition of the shelves worked wonders to your organization 'drobe!

    ~Susana in Indy