Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Busy Weekend...

Quote for the Day:
"If you think something small can't make a difference, 
try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room."

I have been a busy little beaver the past several days...but I can't show you what I did over the weekend, yet, because it's not put back together, yet, and I don't want to reveal it before it's complete.  :)

However, I can tell you about yesterday.  

On Monday, my friend, Pat, (that I'm teaching to quilt) came over and we worked on "quilty" things all day.  Pat is a co-worker, and a good friend.  We've been friends for so long and have shared so much together that I can have her over even when the house is messy.  :) 

We started off by pinning her queen-sized whole cloth quilt that she purchased on a trip to Lancaster, PA, earlier this summer.  

Here is a picture of the backing fabric she chose...

In these pictures, the whole-cloth quilt looks white, but it is actually ecru.  I just LOVE this backing fabric and am torn between buying it now for my whole-cloth (I purchased the same top after seeing hers...I just love the pineapple pattern on it!), or waiting till I'm ready to do my own and seeing what cool fabrics are available at that time, since it will be probably 2 years before I can even *think* about getting to this quilt! 

And just for perspective...this is what the quilt looked like on my "seats-eight-people-comfortably" dining room table!  :)

It's gonna be a "big-un"...finished size is 88" X 108"!!!  :)

Pat also brought a baby quilt to show me.  This is her second completed quilt and I think she did a wonderful job!  It is a "cheater" quilt where the pattern is printed on a piece of fabric and then you quilt it.  It's a quick, fun way to get straight to the quilting part and a great way to practice your quilting!  She hand quilted this and I think she did a GREAT job!  You go, Pat!  :)

Pat and I had started doing a Craftsy.com block-of-the-month (BOM) earlier this year as a way for me to help her learn how to piece, but we haven't been able to get together for the past 4 months, so have really gotten behind. 

After pinning the whole-cloth quilt, which took about 2.5 hours to do, we spent some time on the BOM.  I helped her finish some of the blocks that she hadn't gotten to finish, yet, and then we worked on a new one...a string-pieced broken spider web.  

 I didn't get a chance to complete the block so it doesn't look like much, yet...but that's a sneak-preview!  :)  We're hoping to get together again in the next several weeks, so we'll get this block finished up and then move onto the next ones.  The next four blocks are easy ones, so they should go much faster!

After Pat, Andy & I went out to eat supper...thanks for treating us, Pat!  :)  ...she had to return home and I came back to the house and turned on the Olympics and worked on a portable project that I've been hand quilting the last week or so, since I don't have anything in the frame right now.

This is a couch quilt that I put together from a kit.  I took it to demonstrate hand quilting on when I taught the hand quilting class in March.  I'm moving right along on it and should have it done fairly quickly.  What a change a small quilt is after working on the over-sized queen quilts I'm usually doing!  LOL


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  1. Sounds like a super fun day! I miss the days of quilting or sewing with you all day. Maybe we can do a project together when I'm there for Thanksgiving...