Thursday, August 2, 2012

Knocked Off My Feet...

Quote for the Day:
"Much of your pain is the bitter potion 
by which the physician within you heals your sick self."
~Khalil Gibran

Sometimes your body just says "enough already" and puts itself to bed.  

That's what happened to me yesterday.  For some unknown reason, my body decided to revolt against me and I ended up in bed for the day with a stomach bug.  Every time I tried to get my body vertical, the nausea clicked in.  Basically, I spent the day, in bed, lying on my right side hugging a pillow and sleeping to escape the persistent nausea.  UGH!  

When I exited bed this morning at 9:00 AM, I felt like a new person, though my body ached from spending too much time in bed.  But at least I was able to get back to "normal" today!  :)

This past weekend I did a couple of things that I thought I'd share with ya...

I've been keeping my eye open for shelves at yard sales to help add some much needed storage.  I hung this shelf in the upstairs bathroom behind the door to help hold a few things.  Nothing fancy...just functional.  The shelf was purchased for $1 at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

More decoupaging going on, too!  :)
  This time I decoupaged a strip of pretty fabric around the cleansing wipes container that sits in the bathroom.  In the picture, you can see the shadow of the label, but in person it isn't noticeable unless you are really looking for it.  Just a way to "pretty up" something functional.

And last, but not least...I've been gradually turning all of my plastic hangers into non-slip hangers.  I like these homemade ones better than any non-slip ones I've bought!  So easy to make, too!

I might as well throw in a book review here, too!  :)

Growing Up Amish:  A Memoir, by Ira Wagler...
One fateful starless night, 17-year-old Ira Wagler got up at 2 AM, left a scribbled note under his pillow, packed all of his earthly belongings into in a little black duffel bag, and walked away from his home in the Amish settlement of Bloomfield, Iowa. Now, in this heartwarming memoir, Ira paints a vivid portrait of Amish life—from his childhood days on the family farm, his Rumspringa rite of passage at age 16, to his ultimate decision to leave the Amish Church for good at age 26. Growing Up Amish is the true story of one man’s quest to discover who he is and where he belongs. Readers will laugh, cry, and be inspired by this charming yet poignant coming of age story set amidst the backdrop of one of the most enigmatic cultures in America today—the Old Order Amish.
I listened to this as an audiobook and was captivated by it.  I definitely recommend it!!  




  1. Cool idea on the non-slip hangers. I have a website for everything/anything homemade if you want it.

  2. Lovin' my new shelves in the bathroom! Hoping you are lovin' yours too. So handy! :)